Area Code 208

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Area code: 208
State: Idaho
Country: USA
16, Aug. 2017

keep calling multiple times

16, Aug. 2017

I just got a call from this number I didn't answer it Damit. phones marketers.

15, Aug. 2017

It called me today, im from the bronx new york , @ 8:36pm monday i didnt even pick up & no voicemail was left

12, Aug. 2017

I received the same call stating that the IRS has a warrent for my arrest. When I called, I was threatened with a heavy prison sentence if I did not cooperate and pay 52,000 i owed to the IRS for tax evasion. I am dmmm

4, Aug. 2017

These people kept calling me - so I scammed them. I recorded a 5 minute audio of the interaction and posted the audio at - for those who would like to be entertained by a scam scammer.

3, Aug. 2017

Got same call this morning, I am about to tell you something extremely important however if you want to be taken off of our calling list press 2.

29, Jul. 2017

They call But , thy did not answer.

18, Jul. 2017

Same here... Phone call from that number reading women's cancer... What an idiots calling at such hour at 8:45 pm... Morans.. People get scared and worried...

9, Jul. 2017

someone trying to sell me term life insurance

8, Jul. 2017

Is it legal to call before 9 a.m.?

8, Jul. 2017

consider this your final offer")"

8, Jul. 2017

This is a call from a Security company.

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