Area Code 207

Additional information:

Area code: 207
State: Maine
Country: USA
27, Apr. 2017

They leave voice mails for return calls to a live operator.

27, Apr. 2017

(She said she did not know?) Then she apologized and hung up.

Scam Flusher
27, Apr. 2017

207-619-3976 is a dumbest thumb sucking parasite with all the characteristics of a worm-like maggot posing as telescum. I USED THE LONDON ENGLAND TRICK. TOLD HIM I AM NOT A CITIZEN OF THE US ANYMORE BUT KEPT MY CALIFORNIA NUMBER. UNFORTUNATELY YOU ARE PAYING THE INTERNATIONAL RATES, WHICH IS $50.00 PER MINUTE. WE’VE BEEN ON THE PHONE FOR TEN MINUTES, SO ITS YOUR DIME, KEEP TALKING. FOR SOME REASON, AFTER IT HIT HIM THAT CALL JUST COST HIM $500.00, HE IMMEDIATEY HUNG UP. GO FIGURE BLOKE. I SCAMMED THE SCUMMER. Burn em and block these sorry excuses of human beings. The more that posts telescummers here, the higher their cost of doing business becomes. If they have to change telephone numbers many many times because the old numbers got too exposed, it will accelerate their exit from telescumming. This is a spoofed telephone number. This lowlife hides from the law. Pray for him going out of business, getting a huge fine, and sharing a cell with Bubba. Block em Danno.

26, Apr. 2017

Yes. Scammer. Don't say Yes when they ask can you hear me.

19, Apr. 2017

I have asked Numerous times over this week for them to stop calling me Yesterday they called 4 times after the first time i asked them to stop they called back three more times then today.

19, Apr. 2017

I do not know the name of the company and did not get a chance to talk to anyone.

18, Apr. 2017

Keeps calling asking about warranty on my vehicle. Asked to be removed from call list and was told they cannot do that. Hung up when transferred to supervisor

13, Apr. 2017

Today, I received yet another call from the number I listed above.

Stacey Perez
13, Apr. 2017

I also got same messages from this number last night. I think they were calling me from abroad, because it was not came at work hours. I have forwarded the number to TIGTA. I'm sick of these calls and robo messages!

12, Apr. 2017

This company calls several times per week.

12, Apr. 2017

Who is she exactly? and what kind of scam is this? I received the calls several times, without message was left, so I wondered who the caller was...

10, Apr. 2017

Caller ID identified caller as "Out of area". Call logged at: 11.15am.

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