Area Code 207

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Area code: 207
State: Maine
Country: USA
24, Mar. 2017

Said it would be quicker if I call 800-753-6043.

24, Mar. 2017

Cannot ask to not call when it is a recording.

24, Mar. 2017

Lady would not give her name. She also stated the name of the company was Account Services. That is a lie. I'm smart enough not to fall for it, but it gets annoying when these assholes call 3-5 times a day just to waste my time.

22, Mar. 2017

Non stop calling for weeks and few times a day.

21, Mar. 2017

Keep calling so annoying

20, Mar. 2017

Consumer says the next day he started getting scam calls on his cell phone when before the contact he had no scam calls on his cell phone.

19, Mar. 2017

This is a fax that keeps calling me

18, Mar. 2017

This has been ongoing for the last 4 months.

17, Mar. 2017

I have received numerous calls over the past several months from this number.

10, Mar. 2017

I have gotten calls from them for awhile. Pretending to want to give me an urban scholarship. Number one I don't need that. The calls stopped until today where I have been called twice already. Some guy with an accent who asked for me. I told him wrong number and he asked for me again.

7, Mar. 2017

Do you know who they are? did you speak to them? called me but they didn't leave message....

3, Mar. 2017

They call me every single night at the same hour, through one of those automated systems.

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