Area Code 207

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Area code: 207
State: Maine
Country: USA
Pat Ousley
17, Aug. 2017

Said I owe IRS and they my last change before I am sued 270-864-6692 is the number calling

15, Aug. 2017

I do not drive a Kia and I did not buy from Charlies. The state of Maine sells your registration info to anyone willing to pay for it, that is how they know what you drive, your name, and your zip code. How they got my number is a mystery to me that I would like to understand

11, Aug. 2017

Got the same call from this number and another 209-297-2838. Went to call them back as they are a scam, but I am frustrated as both numbers are now disconnected.

11, Aug. 2017

About IRS fraud. Making threats against me.

10, Aug. 2017

Scammer said I'd be arrested.

Mad Woman
10, Aug. 2017

"We have been trying to reach you. This call is officially a final notice from IRS Internal Revenue Service is the reason of this call is to inform you that IRS is filing a lawsuit against you to get more information about this case file. Please call immediately on our department number 207-352-3412. I repeat 207-352-3412. Thank you." If this number doesn't stop calling I will report to police.

10, Aug. 2017

Calling from 207 352 4206 said outstanding Warrent for me had four cases against me. That if I did not return the call in 24 hours they would notify the local police to pick me up. These people are stupid it is against the fdcpa to tell some u are going to have them arrested

10, Aug. 2017

Received voicemail almost identical to the posts above... "Hey from the local polices. There are serious allegations press on your name at this moment. We would like you for to call us back so we can discuss about this case" So much for the Do Not Call List. I never answer calls from unknown numbers. If my caller ID doesn't find you in my address book, I will not answer.

9, Aug. 2017

Recorded threatening ,message. Do not respond.

5, Aug. 2017

I did not pick up, but called back... there is a recorded message about a sales department, dont mention what company

2, Aug. 2017

Please tell these scammers to stop nuisance calling. They know their number is all over the Internet for scamming and they do not care. This should be considered as harassment.

22, Jul. 2017

Same here

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