Phone: 207-512-5176

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Augusta, Maine
Its exchange 512 is managed by CTC COMMUNICATIONS CORP. - ME
The number is currently on switch number PTLDMEFOX2Y (switch is a technical specification for phone hobbyists)
Around 16% of people reported it as "Unknown"
There has been a total of 12 comments left about the number.
16, Mar. 2013

Called twice today. Left no message.

14, May. 2013

Keep calling no message call all times day and evening. Please stop calling

11, Jun. 2013

They call everyday but never leave a message. They refuse to take me offf call list!

5, Jul. 2013

they've called me three times today and when i answer it is silence for a couple seconds and then they hang up

18, Jul. 2013

This number has jus started calling me this past week.i have no clue who it is or what they want.everytime i answer they hang up or dont say anything.they call me once or twice a day. Its pissing me off and other people r having issues to something needs to get done asap!!!

29, Jul. 2013

They call every day and night. They hang up when I answer and don't leave a message when I don't!

16, Dec. 2013

I started getting these calls about a week or so ago. They call a few times a day, and never leave a message. It is pissing me off big time!!

7, Feb. 2014

They call art least 4 times a day with no message. This started about 3 days ago.

24, Mar. 2014

Please make them stop! They call three times a day and don't leave messages!

26, Mar. 2014

Have been calling multiple times every day... no message... registers as just the number or Augusta Maine.. RIDICULOUS amounts of calls to a registered NO CALL number!

27, Mar. 2014

They kept calling all day. Have reported them, but we will see if it does any good. Was hung up on.

24, Jun. 2015

They have been calling the past few days. I do not answer numbers I don't know, and they never leave a message. How do we make them stop?

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