Area Code 206

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Area code: 206
State: Washington
Country: USA
20, Nov. 2017

IRS with a warrant for my arrest and will be arrested in 45 mins. SCAM!!!

20, Nov. 2017

Said I was getting a government grant $14,566 gov badge #jw142017

20, Nov. 2017

What happened? You weren’t very descriptive and I now worry for your safety and well being...

20, Nov. 2017

My number belonged to a previous person that had children that went to that school.

19, Nov. 2017

Called and asked for me by first name. I did not self identify. Male voice went on to explain he was calling for a police training find and wanted my support. I asked for a website to go check out his organization, voice paused, as if it was not in the script. Voice said 2 or 3 different things simultaniously, like 'uh huh, okay, sorry' and paused again. That's when I hung up. Seems like this is a scripted scam call, voices on a sound board or full on robocalls.

19, Nov. 2017

Experiencing same harassment as described above. Frequent calls from 206 829-4809 with a fax or modem beeping on other end over and over

19, Nov. 2017

Have no clue who this number is, no Caller ID just the phone number, and no message left this time, however previously they left a nonsense recorded message.

19, Nov. 2017

If I pressed 1 I would be connected to a member services agent.

18, Nov. 2017

I did not answer - - it is SUNDAY!

18, Nov. 2017

Called me a few days ago and left a message just repeating the number three times in a heavy accent. Male voice. I did not return call.

18, Nov. 2017

Didn't pick up I'm not that stupid but yeah they didn't leave a message

18, Nov. 2017

When I called back, some stoned kid with an accent answered. I signed his number up on the website

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