Area Code 206

Additional information:

Area code: 206
State: Washington
Country: USA
18, Jan. 2017

This firm appears to ignore the law.

17, Jan. 2017

Stating from the irs aditing department and have 24 hrs to return call or they are issuing a bench warrant

17, Jan. 2017

When I answered the call and the phone began to ring. Then someone with a heavy Indian accent stated he worked for Windows and they were receiving several warning/ errors messages that my computer was being hacked from someone like in Russia and China. (his words). I wished him to have a good day and hung up. They are looking for you to pay for nonexistent services to protect your computer and provide them with remote access to your computer.

17, Jan. 2017

I missed the phone call when I was at work, thank you for the information, it really helped me a lot. I'll block this phone number from now on.

Larry Strickland
17, Jan. 2017

What did they ask for? I got 3 calls from this number yesterday, but when I answered one of them, they just hung up immediately. I just ignore every call from them since then. Googled the number and can't found any complete information from them. I will just block the number if they call me again repeatedly next time.

16, Jan. 2017

Who are they exactly? I don't want to call the number they requested....

16, Jan. 2017

Calls are daily 2 and 3 tmes a day.

16, Jan. 2017

Someone from this # called me today. Weird thing is I was with someone who also received a call from this number ten minutes after I received it. We do not know anyone from Seattle. It's has to be a scam. Do not pick up!

16, Jan. 2017

When told we are on that list they hang up immediately but still continue to call

15, Jan. 2017

We received a call from this number three times today, around 10 am - we did not answer and there was no message.

15, Jan. 2017

I have asked over and over for them to stop and they have not.

13, Jan. 2017

The woman said her name was b(6), spoke in an Indian accent and there were a ton of people speaking around her.

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