Area Code 206

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Area code: 206
State: Washington
Country: USA
18, Jan. 2018

I didn't answer, because I didn't recognize #. Caller didn't leave message

17, Jan. 2018

Thick Indian (?) Accent. Asked for Jenny Fir instead of Jennifer, misprounounced last name, told me call was being recorded and then demanded my date of birth. I said absolutely not and hung up. Never Identified who he was calling for. This was the 8th night in a row the call came in without info on the caller ID beyond the 7 digit #, no area code shows.

17, Jan. 2018

Hello, Every days I got call form (928) 758-39-16 Pls.

17, Jan. 2018

They called me and said I was being sued by the irs. I told my wife about and she looked the number up and googled it and this popped up. I called them back and asked them about it and they hung up

17, Jan. 2018

I’ve been dealing with her in fear of it affecting my credit and unfortunately have been paying her 200 a month for a few months but the numbers she says I owe keep changing and that’s against the law and in December she said I could pay it off for 760 and I stopped paying this month and the price jumped up to over 3000 and she’s left messages saying she’s gonna file a judgement and that she recorded me which I never gave my consent or was informed and she never identifies herself her agency or asks to verify information

17, Jan. 2018

caller hung up after three rings, before the answering machine could kick in.

17, Jan. 2018

I received the same message as Jennifer did, and the only thing is that I returned their phone call samething a Hindu guy answered I told him that i pin point their location and that i was coming over to collect their money the line went dead.

17, Jan. 2018

I have stopped answering their calls but they continue to call.

17, Jan. 2018

And when you try to call the number back it is not in existence.

17, Jan. 2018

This number is linked to a Craigslist scammer posting fake ads to scam/spam anyone who responds!

17, Jan. 2018

Fraud caller. It’s a computer that tries to pose as a human being, asks for money, hangs up if you ask it a question it doesn’t have a pre-recorded answer to like where to find a website for the organization or what color the sky is.

17, Jan. 2018

Someone please find this company and shut them down.

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