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  • Regional statistics: Bainbridge Island, Washington has a population of 231969 that is in a county of 86416 units. The city is in a county that is 396 square miles. 206-855 is available through the regional telephone switch # STTNWAHODS0 in the Bainbridge Island area.
  • Other cities located around Bainbridge Island: Kirkland (206-854) Seattle (206-849) Des Moines (206-870) Redmond (206-880)
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12, Dec. 2017

Definitely spam. Robotic VM saying I have a lawsuit under my name and there is a warrant for my arrest. Oh OKAYYYYY!

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9, Oct. 2017

Claimed I was committing intentional fraud by not contacting them, and that a lawsuit has been filed "at the courthouse" against me with the US government. Lol. Bad English is one of many red flags on this one.

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4, Oct. 2017


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5, Sep. 2017

Never ask for me by name just start recorded message.

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4, Aug. 2017

100% spam. They are tricky because the caller speaks clearly and insists that the call is mandated by the state. Dont give them anything.

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21, Jul. 2017

Said the IRS had filed legal against me and that a warrant has been issued and for me to contact them.

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10, Jul. 2017

While he tried to say that the call was in response to my inquiry about Medicare, I am absolutely sure that I made no such inquiry.

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27, Apr. 2017

Called my elderly parents telling them of a problem with their computer. Got them upset. Love to have a face to face with one of these scum bags

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14, Dec. 2016

just harassment calls.

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2, Dec. 2016

IRS will not call us, be careful people! IRS will only send a letters to us. Please file complaint with FTC also, so FTC will follow up our report.

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25, Nov. 2016

Left message that there was a lawsuit against me and wanted me to return their call number. Glad that I searched the number first before I call the number back, so I could find this useful information. Definitely I will not respond them.

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2, Aug. 2016

If you dont stop them I will sue for you not doing your jobs.

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14, Jul. 2016

The IRS DOES NOT make phone calls - everything is done through the mail! Don't be fooled or have a heart attack. It's all a very annoying scam, with various 202 and 206 area codes (ID Name comes up: MELA APU)

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15, Jun. 2016

scam - IRS impersonator - claims arrest warrant has been issued

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4, Apr. 2016

It is a company from Clearwater, Florida.

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29, Mar. 2016

they have called many times, asking for Brandon.

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12, Mar. 2016

Recording claiming to be IRS with case file number and callback number 360-205-3845 Also received call from blocked number with same recording

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11, Mar. 2016

From phony IRS scam telling me I'm being sued. Sure would like to get my hands on whoever is sending out these messages!

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9, Mar. 2016

Called saying that they would be sued and or arrested because they owed taxes.

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1, Mar. 2016

The number left a recorded message that IRS has lawsuit against me and to call them. When I called the guy with heavy Indian accent "Akshay Gunderpree" with a fake IRS ID # answered the phone. I asked what agency you are calling from and he patheticlly answered "General Revenue Service", I said you are a con artist. then he said, I'm calling from Internal Revenue Service. If you don't pay me you will be fined $5000 and court will order your arrest. He got very aggressive and authororative. I told him, the IRS does not work this way, you are going to jail for scamming people no matter what country you're calling from. I called real IRS and got this info:,-Remain-on-IRS-Dirty-Dozen-List-of-Tax-Scams-for-the-2016-Filing-Season

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1, Mar. 2016

I don't know how this company got my phone number

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25, Feb. 2016

They claim that my name was given by someone I know but no one I know has one of these.

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11, Feb. 2016

We have tried to tell them that we are on the do not call list but am not sure if they ever receive the message.

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10, Feb. 2016

We asked them again today to stop calling.

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3, Feb. 2016

This number, 415-376-0327,called my number 5 times, starting Nov.

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2, Feb. 2016

We have been estranged and she has obviously got some mental problem because she called me 5 times betwee n 11:11 PM and 11:24 PM on November 23,2013.

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30, Jan. 2016

this was one of those lower your interest rate on your credit card calls

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13, Dec. 2015

This is an automated call, stating that I owe some taxes, and need to pay immediately, otherwise, I will be jailed!

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10, Dec. 2015

Two calls in the past two hours from the same phone number telling me that the IRS is suing me. As others have mentioned, the IRS doesn't send automated phone calls notifying you of a lawsuit, they will send letters requesting information first and wait for a written response, before they even discuss a lien on anything. I have no issues with the IRS and have not received any mailed correspondence from them. This is definitely a scam.. Don't waste your time..

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3, Dec. 2015

Sometimes with this number, sometimes unknown, and sometimes with other numbers.

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30, Nov. 2015

I believe that this caller/company has called our home before.

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17, Nov. 2015

Recording. Stating they "have been trying to reach me. This is your last notice. The IRS is filing a suit against you. Please call back"

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10, Oct. 2015

A voter opinion poll I believe.

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8, Oct. 2015

this # has called me every day this week at 3:30pm.

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3, Oct. 2015

Called twice this morning. Did not answer. My cell is saying this number is actually from Egypt (+20 68 553139). Not sure though.

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29, Sep. 2015

This was the second call in 2 days.

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25, Sep. 2015

This company keeps calling and calling and calling.

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17, Sep. 2015

The guy said he was calling from the IRS. I have never heard of the IRS calling someone directly. They usually send notices by mail. The guy has a non-American accent.

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17, Sep. 2015

The person who I spoke to on the phone said that they got my number from a company called Quality Smith.

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31, Aug. 2015

Just reported the third.

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6, Aug. 2015

The robot told me I was wanted by the IRS and that I should call the number immediately.

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16, Jul. 2015

Had a lot of fun with these a**holes. First Rosie Wilson, IRS agent, told me my dire problem. Then switched me over to "Mike" Wilson who wanted a money gram from me. Kept them on the line a long time until they finally swore at me and gave up. I called them back about 6 or 7 time before they blocked my number. I'll keep calling and scamming them!!! They don't know who they're dealing with!

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8, Jul. 2015

J. Hall
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7, Jul. 2015

Someone (sounded like a robo call) left three messages on my machine claiming I was being sued by the IRS. I called the IRS in Washington, and confirmed it was a hoax. They told me to call T.I.G.T.A an agency that investigates scams like this. Call them at (800) 366 4484 if you have a similiar experience.

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23, Jun. 2015

I answered the phone, and apparently they could not hear me. All I could hear on their end was a lot of background noise; none of it clear. The call sounded more like a very static-y CB radio than a phone.

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23, Jun. 2015

Scam caller purported to be the IRS and stated that this was the final call prior to being sued by the IRS. IRS website states that the IRS NEVER contacts people via phone or text messages and that these calls are fake. I have reported the call to

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28, Apr. 2015

They call and tell you that you won a government grant for $7000 and in return you have to pay two hundred and fifty dollars to get the money this is a scam people beware watch out for this number.

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30, Mar. 2015

Don't owe any money & company name unknown.

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25, Mar. 2015

Auto dialer that call and hangs up repeatedly

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25, Mar. 2015

Aita President and CEO Ralph Liberio Chief Operating Officer Andrew J.

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11, Feb. 2015

It is usually an Asian female placing the call.

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6, Feb. 2015

Just got a recorded call telling me that I was being sued by IRS because of my tax filing. It was in perfect English and told me to call 206-855-3282 for further details. I am not calling this number because it is an obvious fraud, I am however calling my local police to report this fraud.