Phone: 206-787-9945

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Seattle, Washington (787) exchange.
Around 50% of people reported it as "Scammer"
There has been a total of 6 comments left about the number.
Latest people reported the number as that of "206-787-9945"
25, Sep. 2013

Threatening to take me to court. Asking if I'd "like to rectify the matter outside of court before you're served you need to call: [206-787-9945]"

25, Sep. 2013

States they are taking e to jail and court if I do not pay them x amount of dollars right away. told me to be watching for them to serve papers also calling my mother in laws home whom I have never lived or used as a reference on any loan or credit.

25, Sep. 2013

this is a scam. I received two calls in two days both saying I had citations and they would serve me and then also that there was fraudulent activity on my social security number. It's a total scam, called back and it was a weird message system where I could not leave a message.

26, Sep. 2013

They keep calling me that i am being charged for fraudulant and a jail time if i dont call back asap coz leaving a msg they need my address info!! What a scam is!!!

27, Sep. 2013

I received the same phone call on my cellular phone and at my mothers home where I no longer live. They seem to call me from random numbers all over for the past few years coincidentally every time I have my credit run. I have officially reported them to the FCC since they have been investigating this type of fraud for years. I blocked the number, filed a complaint and I ENCOURAGE you to do the same thing to!!! Here's the link to report them PLEASE REPORT THEM AND GET THESE CON ARTISTS SHUT DOWN.

28, Sep. 2013

This number keeps on calling and leaving messages like I have charges filed against me and I need to call them back and I have a chance to rectify it out of court. Tried calling the number and it couldn't even leave a message. It must be a scam

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