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Name and Address of the owner

Phone number: 206-555-0114

is located in Seattle, Washington.

Its exchange 555 is managed by QWEST CORPORATION - WA.

The number is currently on switch number STTLWA031CD (switch is a technical specification for phone hobbyists) .

Around 30% of people reported it as "Scammer"

There has been a total of 10 comments left about the number.

Latest people reported the number as that of "Abdul, Not identified"

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I got a call today but did not answer it as it looked like a telemarketing call.

Reported 25, Nov. 2013.

Am I getting calls from this number because I used the services of CheapO Air??? It would seem that at least some of their marketing is done from "overseas"...

Reported 4, Dec. 2013.

this male threatened that "if you call this number again, I am going to call the FBI." I kinda tripped out because I could not recall having placed a call to that number in Washington State, though I have other contacts there. And so, I am happy to look it up (mahalo Google) to find out that some creep or a number of creeps apparently, based upon the above posts, appear to have tracked this 206-555-0114 number as one used to harass, bother, annoy, irritate, cause emotional distress, or otherwise needing a butt whooping.

Reported 11, Dec. 2013.

This number called me 3 times asking for someone. I advised him that he had the wrong number and he kept asking me for my name. I refused to give my name and he said he needed it to check if I was lying to him. He needs to get a life and find more productive things to do!!!

Reported 13, Dec. 2013.

2nd call from this number. They said they were the computer center and getting errors that needed to be addressed immediately. I had the same call last year . Then the lady, who sounded quite assertive, told me they needed me to turn on my computer and, playing along, I asked \"which one.\" After a slight pause she irritably said \"I\'m TALKING about your Microsoft, ma\'m.\" I have an Apple. Lots of others in town are getting these same calls. Why isn\'t someone stopping them (I.e. Even the phone co.?)

Reported 17, Dec. 2013.

Immediately said their Windows team is getting error reports from my computer...when I went to get my husband, the man with a strong Indian accent hung up.

Reported 19, Dec. 2013.

This number has called mine several times. The "man?" In an Indian/Pakistan accent then informs me I am having computer errors and further states he is a Microsoft rep. I tell him he is a liar and not to call here again. The scammer tried again today, they never give up. Why doesn't qwest do something. They also have used 425-668-9652.

Reported 23, Dec. 2013.

This number called me at 7:25am EST which means it was 4:25am. No one answered when I answered the phone but I did hear breathing. I hope they didn't like what I had to say because my phone BETTER NOT RING at 7:25am unless it's an emergency.

Reported 9, Jan. 2014.

This number called me at 11:15 PM, very late, and we were in bed, and it didn't get answered.

Reported 24, Jan. 2014.

Sing song accent says he is from Microsoft and notes the satellites detect problem from my computer. What a dork.

Reported 31, Jan. 2014.

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