Phone: 206-445-6637

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Seattle, Washington (445) exchange.
Around 53% of people reported it as "Unknown"
There has been a total of 13 comments left about the number.
Latest people reported the number as that of "Obama campaign"
6, Sep. 2012

They call almost every day and never leave a message. Serious spam!

13, Sep. 2012

This number calls numerous times daily, lets the phone ring twice, then it stops. They never leave a message or identify themselves. I have no idea who it is or what they want, but the number of times they call is out of hand.

14, Sep. 2012

This number calls three times a day or more. We just moved here so this is a new number. They never leave message and no one is on the other line.

26, Sep. 2012

28, Sep. 2012

Multible calls a day and they hang up after only 2 rings. If I answer I get a recorded message saying it is an important message please stay on the line and after 2-3 min I just hang up. I think they are a collection agency.

8, Oct. 2012

I've recently started getting calls from this number at least twice a day. The first time I answered, they asked for someone I didn't know. I told them they had the wrong number. They still continue to call. So I installed a call blocker. And now I'm not bothered by the calls.

17, Oct. 2012

Calling wanting me to give money....very rude to me after I said no. They said "you don't want that a*****e Romney to win do you?" I said goodbye...she called me a fuckhead

20, Oct. 2012

Call repetatively and won't leave a msg. I'm sooo over these types of supposedly 'legal' harassment. I'm guessing some sort of collection place. There needs to be laws in place that stop this c**p once a bill is over a few years old. They buy old debts that have already been paid and try to make you pay again. You then have to prove payment... wasting even more time. Fail.

13, Nov. 2012

I get calls at least twice a day. The one time I answered, there was a live body asking for someone I did not know and asked them to erase my nimber from their files. Did not get any pjhone calls for a monthe and now they started again and upon answering no one on the other end.

5, Nov. 2013

Whoever called me spoke with a spanish accent and talked so fast that I had no idea what they were saying

5, Dec. 2013

They called me, said I had a account with them, I therefore asked what it was concerning, or the reason WHY they were calling, the caller refused to answer and hung up. He had my name and # but no other information about me, nor did he ever try to verify who I was, red flags right there.

26, Jan. 2014

They call twice a day, 7 days a week. Recorded message with my name so assuming its a collection agency but no idea what for since I've not received anything in the mail. I'm not about to discuss my finances over the phone without any type of collection letter or way to know if they are legitimate. Installed a call blocker so now they just leave me messages that I delete daily.

24, Apr. 2014

I don't know anyone in wa

5, Jun. 2014

Kept calling us. Said we owed DISH money, DISH says we don't owe them anything and were NEVER delinquent. Now shows up on our credit reports. Now we have to prove, with DISH's help, that we don't owe them any money. BEWARE. Might want to keep an eye on your credit report!

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