206-397-1895 (Scammers)

  • Scam is known as: "Rachel from credit card services.
  • Has been around since 2009
  • Declared public enemy number one by FTC
  • Latest people reported the number as that of "Bankcard services, Bank Card Services"
  • Around 23% of people reported it as "Unknown"
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14, Oct. 2013

Called and machine picked up and they hung up. No message left.

14, Oct. 2013

Automated credit card consolidation call. Pressed one to speak to attendant. Attendant asked if I would ready to consolidate my debts. I asked to be put on their do not call list. Attendant immediately hung up.

14, Oct. 2013

Left half a message in my machine referencing the govt stimulus. I picked up and pressed 1. When an agent answered I asked who it was calling. Agent hung up.

14, Oct. 2013

They have called my house multiple time within the last 6 months everytime I press one and tell the agent no one in this household has credit cards or outstanding debt and that I want to be put on a do not call list. Everytime they hang up then a few weeks later I'll receive another call. I'm fed up with them!

14, Oct. 2013

No response when phone answered

14, Oct. 2013

They hung up after about 4 rings which was when I answered.

14, Oct. 2013

SO sick of this number calling me two, three, four times a day. No idea who they are or what they want.

15, Oct. 2013

No clue. This number calls and hangs up.

15, Oct. 2013

These are VERY VERY bad people. If you answer the phone OR press 1 for get off the list, you are doomed. Have received hundreds of calls from this group of callers. They change numbers all of the time, and often spoof numbers Also, they run a number of other scams, For us, these calls always come through in batches (within minutes of one another).

15, Oct. 2013

What the $@"k is stimulus? Please STOP calling me. Like pretty much every day. :(

16, Oct. 2013

I waited for an option to be removed but did not get one. CALL THE NUMBER BACK and it asks if you would like to be removed please press 1. We will see how well this works.

24, Oct. 2013

Anonymous. No message left on answering machine. 12:53 PM

31, Oct. 2013

These people hang up if you answer the phone (so you don't get the chance to tell them to go ?@#*% off) and if you let it go to answer machine you get a msg about loan consolidation. It always says "this is the last msg you will receive" but they ALWAYS call back. If you call the number in the msg, you better be interested in consolidating your loans or they hang up. This is a pretty sneaky way for them to get around the telemarketing laws where they aren't supposed to call back once you ask them not to.

7, Nov. 2013

These people use a 'bouncing' system, the number you see on your caller id is not the number of origination. The call can bounce all over the world. I've talked to the phone company, they say there is no way to track where it comes from. They tell me to not answer the phone. Problem is, answering machines answer for you. Are we doomed? HATE these constant calls!!!!

7, Nov. 2013

No response when phone answered

16, Nov. 2013

The scumbags won't stop calling my cell.

18, Nov. 2013

AMAZING! Robo call even tho I am on the do not call list. Hit 1 to "talk to a rep" Lisa Edwards said she was from customer services. I asked why she called because I was on the DNC list. She repeatedly insisted I was not. When I asked her if my registration with DNC had lapsed, she said Yes and it would cost me $29.95 to get back on. She got very angry when I told her I would be filing a report with the FTC.

20, Nov. 2013

They say the company is "CMA", a processor for credit card companies and want to give us a lower interest rate. In the past I have assumed they are generating leads for actual companies to later contact us. By using a marketing company, they may be able to avoid violating DNC and robo caller laws. If you provide information and are later contacted by a company, you should report THAT call to the FTC / DNC list as being connected with the original abuse. But I am now wondering if they other message posters here are not correct about them scamming us out of our credit card information. I played along with the lady that answered and said I was interested. She wanted to make sure I had a valid credit card and asked me to read information from my card and statement. When I said I didn't have them with me she offered to call back. When I said she could give me her number, since I don't give out credit card information to people that CALL ME, she didn't say anything and hung up. I think the scammers ARE getting more tricky, but we all need to keep reporting the abuse and scams to the Do-Not-Call list at 1-888-382-1222. It seems to take some time, but for the most part it does lessen or stop the junk calls. And for those of you that want to mess with these people, you can try this: When you get an automated call, and have to hit a key to be connected, it works something like as if you called them. What that means is that the system that calls you then connects you to the scammer. And even if they hang up on you, your phone often stays connected and ties up one of their phone lines. Yes, you will hear a beep-beep-beep, but that is from their phone system trying to trick you into hanging up so they can free the line to make more calls. I left my phone on speaker for over an hour while working on my computer. I was able to tie up their line for that long. Finally I hung up, got their number with *69 and reported the call to the FTC.

24, Dec. 2013

They call multiple times a day/week. I ask to be removed or talk to a supervisor they just hang up.

9, Jan. 2014

I do not want this number to keep calling me! I am in Maine.

10, Jan. 2014

Robot Call

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