Area Code 205

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Area code: 205
State: Alabama
Country: USA
25, May. 2018

Two calls on 6/24, 2 on 6/25, 3 on 626, 3 on 6/29, and again on 6/30. "This is your last chance to lower your interest on your credit card" I told them I was going to report them of Do not call and they increased the number of times a day they call. In talking to friends I did find out they receive the same calls. Very annoying. thank you for giving us an outlet to complain.

24, May. 2018

I told him that he needed to remove my number from their call list.

24, May. 2018

I do not understand. If I have my phone number registered "do not call" how come I get these call DAILY ?

23, May. 2018

I answer HELLO, No reply, just quite or a noisey background.

23, May. 2018

After receiving these calls for some time I went in person to the Irs office and there are no problems also that they will never call but it is still unsettling! Can someone please take these people down so they cannot create unneeded fear in good people!?!?!

22, May. 2018

Unwanted caller. Calls late at night.

22, May. 2018


22, May. 2018

How do I sue these people for harassment?

22, May. 2018

When I try to call back the line is busy.

21, May. 2018

I have received calls from this person they keep changing numbers every time I block the number they're calling from I do not want these people to talk I have went to their props and ask them not to call anymore to put me on the Do Not Call List and they will not I'm sick of this harassment daily if they were getting harassed by me like they harass me they would blow my head off I'm sick of it let them make their money somewhere else I'll somebody else not me I'm just sick to death of this telling me I won a free cruise and then he'll hang up in your face he never changed his name he's always Joe but he calls from different landline numbers cuz I did a reverse lookup of the phone number that he just called trub and you can't ever get anyone to answer when you call back supposedly whatever offices this is I want it stopped I've asked him to stop me after I pushed a little pound to get off of me and leave me alone they say press 9 to be added to our do not call list well I pushed you so much I think my nine is wore out

21, May. 2018

There is no way to ask them to not call anymore.

21, May. 2018

Recorded message from "jenny" stating she was calling long distance and could i hear her ok. I hung up instead of answering.

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