Area Code 205

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Area code: 205
State: Alabama
Country: USA
17, Jan. 2018

This company has been calling me for years.

17, Jan. 2018

Thank you for letting me vent.I am so tired of them and exhausted physically too.

17, Jan. 2018

they were put on Registry yet again 3 months ago, and have re-started their constant calls they need to STOP!

17, Jan. 2018

I tried to contact them but no one answers their phone.

16, Jan. 2018

I Googled the number and could not find anything.

16, Jan. 2018

I asked them to stop calling me and he said he would take me off the list.

15, Jan. 2018

Can I file a lawsuit for hararrassment with the you the FCC.

15, Jan. 2018

No msg left.

15, Jan. 2018

Woke us up at 219 in the morning!

15, Jan. 2018

Continues to call even though my VM explicitly says "Please remove this number from your call list". Yes, I do not accept voice mail anymore because of telemarketers.

14, Jan. 2018

We do not return these type of calls and are reluctant to answer as it could be a link for someone to use our phone to make long distance calls.?

13, Jan. 2018

I reported this on 6/1 - now another call on 6/3 - are you folks doing anything with my tax dollars?

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