Phone: 205-623-1372

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Birmingham, Alabama (623) exchange.
Around 33% of people reported it as "Collection Agency"
There has been a total of 21 comments left about the number.
Latest people reported the number as that of "Brenda or Brendi, Portfolio Recovery"
7, Jan. 2014

It might be a scam. It seems like they are fishing for personal info

7, Jan. 2014

I don't calls from call centers

7, Jan. 2014

This number is from the Portfolio Recovery debt collection agency.

8, Jan. 2014

Portfolio Recovery Associates, Inc., 120 Corporate Boulevard, Norfolk, Virginia 23502, USA. thay have a branch in Alabama Revenue Discovery Systems (RDS) 2317 Third Avenue North, Suite 200 Birmingham, AL 35203 Birmingham Regional Office 600 Beacon Parkway Birmingham, AL 35209

8, Jan. 2014

I do not know this number. There was no message left.

11, Jan. 2014

Nobody (human) speaks - Whenever I answer... (*possible phishing site!*)

18, Jan. 2014

This number has called my parents number and both of my numbers seeking personal information. I believe it is a scam.

23, Jan. 2014

These people will resort to any illegal tactics to get you to pay bills which were written off or old and un collectable. if you speak to them or even call them back you can re-open limitations statutes on time of collections. BLOCK THEM AND NEVER SPEAK TO THEM. They have many numbers they call from and will call neighbors and friends and anyone they feel can help coerce you into paying old/written off bills. This should be illegal and probably is....but they won't stop.

24, Jan. 2014

I just got a new phone a few weeks ago and this 'company' keeps calling for the previous owner. Even though they have been informed of this (I do not know the previous owner - she does not even live in the same state as me) they will not stop calling constantly.

28, Jan. 2014

I always keep getting calls from these people. I blocked one of their numbers and they keep calling from different numbers.

15, Feb. 2014

who are these c&**ts that keep calling? never leave a message...ffffff offfffff...harrasment

17, Feb. 2014

First call came this morning,if I don't reconize number I don't answer call. Left no message on voice mail equipped cell phone. Tells me they are frauds!!!

20, Mar. 2014

Keeps calling atleast once a day..Please take me off your list!!!!!

18, Jun. 2014

Second call within two weeks. Does not leave message.

1, Jul. 2014

Called me at 1;20 pm and just listen to me say hello hello wait hello hello is any one there? Then they hung up on me.

9, Jul. 2014

Rang once..?

18, Sep. 2014

This is Portfolio Recovery. It is a Collection Agency and is located in Birmingham, AL. PR uses auto-dialers. Check the statutes in your state. If it is unlawful to cause a phone to ring using an auto-dialer, find an attorney that handles these cases and file suit. Bank of America phoned me numerous times, AFTER being told I was NOT the person they were calling for, nor did I know that individual. I filed suit and was awarded (my share) $5,000. Document, document, document these calls. You have to do your homework.

6, Oct. 2014

Is not that they're (Portfolio Recovery) like many other low life debt collectors out there, these guys actually are among the more professional debt collectors - hard to believe, isn't it? However because they buy leads and debt in bulk, they acquire old and statute expired debt, right along with legitimate ones. Unfortunately is not going to help their bottom line to try to figure which is which, so they go after all of them. It gets nasty when they work an account for a while and there is no pay off. At that point for all their grand standings, their agents act no different that any other low life debt collector. And no - they will not listen to any arguments about the debt is old, paid off, or not your. All they want is some money (10 to 30 cents on the dollar) so they can get the supervisors off their back and maybe get a bonus. This company is a big one so they know how to get around federal rules. If you want to get them off of you, go through your state's authorities.

10, Dec. 2014

leave no message.

15, Dec. 2014

I beg them to please take me to court so that I can counter sue....Hasn't happened yet, been calling me for years. Record the calls!

2, Oct. 2015

Big jerks were super rude and could not even send me an invoice regarding what this particular debt was concerned with. If you can't send me some information in the mail so I have something to reference, I can't help you.

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