Area Code 204

Additional information:

Area code: 204
State: Manitoba
Country: Canada
16, Mar. 2018

That is more than I had before I registered!

13, Mar. 2018

CRA scam. I called them back over and over for 1/2 hour and encourage you all to do the same to time up their line and use up their burner phone money.

12, Mar. 2018

I did not seek information from this company or any other about obtaining working from home opportunities.

oh-oh I'm in trouble - LOL
12, Mar. 2018

A woman going by the name of Alice Johnson from CRA, robo-called me to tell me "allegations will be taken against" me if my lawyer does not call her back. Ooohhhh.... I'm scared. What a joke. Does whoever put this scam together really think people fall for this crap? At the end of the call, she told me to "take care". LOL

10, Mar. 2018

and I did not expect any phone call from India, either.

9, Mar. 2018

has been calling many times using different numbers spoofing the caller id they are abusive

8, Mar. 2018

204-984-8679 is from Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) - not a scam. I wasn't sure at first so I searched for a different number for Canada Revenue Agency. They informed me it is was one of their agents.

5, Mar. 2018

I got very upset to say the least.

2, Mar. 2018

Non stop harassment from this company.

28, Feb. 2018

You can always simply call your own phone # and press * to check your vm messages without a fee as vm is included but this is just the # that Koodo uses to communicate to you that you have a voicemail. Basically imagine that Koodo voicemail is like a virtual secretary texting you from this number to inform you that you have a voicemail message. The # of the "missed call" in your call logs is the # that called you (the # that called you will also be read out to you by your vm when you check the message). The 204-588-4001 is the # of your Koodo voicemail virtual secretary. .... Dumb system but I'm sure theres some kind of reasoning behind it. Koodo VM #'s are all similar to +1(???)580-4001. There are multiple different numbers depending on which voicemail server you are assigned to, but most end with 4001, 4002 or 4003 for Koodo. No need to get all worked up before understanding how the system works. Koodo will explain if you call them. VM is free if you reach it by calling your own cell # back instead of using the Koodo server. Don't even know why anyone wouldnt just call their own # to check their VM but whatever.

28, Feb. 2018

I was given a rather rude response, at which point I hung up.

April Gragwire
27, Feb. 2018

Herpes sx trade

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