Area Code 204

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Area code: 204
State: Manitoba
Country: Canada
15, Jan. 2018

When I answer this call no one answers & I hang up.

13, Jan. 2018

I recieved this message from 204 816 8635 on November 30, 9:56 AM, a voice tone/accent like asians ones, the man identifier himself as Officer David Romer... did not understand the full last name. I received à similar messages from 289 275-0565, on January 11, 10:02 AM, another voice, the man identified himself as Officer Robert William.

12, Jan. 2018

Claimed granddaughter in jail in drug dealing charges and wanted $4000 in best buy gift cards. for bail. When I called him with card numbers call went to Manitoba Canada. I cancelled cards so they got no money. Original call came from female supposedly granddaughter who was in jail and would be held from Friday till Monday unless $4000 was received today. It sounded legit and I should have known better. Beware these people are professionals and the whole thing was convincing Phone number was 204 205 0458

10, Jan. 2018

said they were issuing a statement of claim and said if I did not call back I would be arrested....

10, Jan. 2018

Received a call from this number, No one spoke, no voice at all and just a 'click'.

8, Jan. 2018

scammer trying to get you to click a link for the MB Hydro refund - even the most gullible would KNOW MB Hydro isn't giving us a refund!

5, Jan. 2018

Caller sent a text to me saying I had received a refund. The link led me to a web site similar to that of one for email transfers with all the big canadian banks on it. I didn't click on anything but these are a bunch of aholes trying to get your ID info or/and your $$

4, Jan. 2018

I talked with the telemarketer on 2/10/15 and told her I was on the Fed no call list and she hung up.

4, Jan. 2018

They need real jobs!

4, Jan. 2018

Spoofed numbers of criminals shut down the companies that assist them in making these fake calls.

4, Jan. 2018

v We get continuous calls from this number.

1, Jan. 2018

Every night we answer and ask them to please stop calling as we are not interested in their services (they are offering a lower mortgage rate).

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