Area Code 204

Additional information:

Area code: 204
State: Manitoba
Country: Canada
18, Nov. 2017

We have did that several times & they still keep calling.

13, Nov. 2017

I just got this same call but i was at the grocery store. Did anyone figure out what they want ? He said he will call back in a hour

13, Nov. 2017

It just showed up as 398-3259 with no area code.

7, Nov. 2017

they have also called 4 other phone numbers associated with my cell phone account and each number is on the do not call list.

7, Nov. 2017

I did not answer the phone, and they did not leave a message

6, Nov. 2017

There have been about a dozen all together over the last few months.

5, Nov. 2017

I don't have the money to keep paying for this stuff.

1, Nov. 2017

Called with a VERY heavy accent claiming my hotmail account had been hacked and was sending out a bunch of spam in Ohio. Or whatever. I said, ok I'll go in and change my password. She insisted that the hackers were already in and would still have access to my email. So I asked what are you trying to get me to do? Asked if I had a computer or laptop and told me to get on it. I was like, I have 2 kids and no time for this. And hung up. Glad I looked it up.

31, Oct. 2017

None of my cars have a warranty on them and I believe this scaremongering is both unwarranted and possibly against the law.

30, Oct. 2017

Like he was whispering.

29, Oct. 2017

ur protection is needed

28, Oct. 2017

They will hang up on you when you tell them to stop calling you.

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