Area Code 203

Additional information:

Area code: 203
State: Connecticut
Country: USA
22, Jun. 2017

Apparently I'm not the only one who's being 'scam-called.'

22, Jun. 2017

Constantly calls and doesn't leave a message.

21, Jun. 2017

Received call on mobile. 2 sec, no message.

20, Jun. 2017

Don't know the number - not answered

16, Jun. 2017

The person insulted me and wanna know who she is

15, Jun. 2017

Don't "tell" them anything. Don't pick up the phone at all and then block this number if you can.

6, Jun. 2017

Called me. I didn't answer. I'm putting it on my block list

6, Jun. 2017

Keeps calling when answered they hang up

2, Jun. 2017

Second call from this number this week. Left no message either time. Now blocked.

2, Jun. 2017

Is it really his number????

2, Jun. 2017

Called three times, please don't hang up etc. Annoying...

1, Jun. 2017

My procedure for these unknown calls is this: 1. I press the mute button. 2. I Answer with my speaker button. 3. I wait to hear a voice. 4. If they hang up because they hear nothing, fine. 5. I wait 10 minutes, call back with *67 to block my number. 6. If I hear one of these telemarketing ass-pains or scammersI make them wish they had not. If I get a busy or "non-working" I report that to a few of the reporting sites. Try this. If you have a better idea, feel free to share.

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