Area Code 203

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Area code: 203
State: Connecticut
Country: USA
19, Apr. 2018

I believe I have reported this number in the past

18, Apr. 2018

They’re selling a truck, and the shipping is free, it’s her dead husbands truck, she’s about to be deployed. Wants all kinds of info so she can ship you the truck for free. Scam...

18, Apr. 2018

<robot reads name> This is Dennis Lions placing a call today, in regards to a claim that was issued to our office by one of our clients. It states the documents were sent to her house, and I guess you failed to respond. Either way to do the nature of the claim. It's important that you or your attorney contact the office immediately at 706-341-0076.

18, Apr. 2018

Calls and never leaves a message. Caller ID says " Old Greenwich. CT ".

16, Apr. 2018

(203) 424-2825 Harrassing Robocall. I called back twice. Each call was immediately answered, but only heard silence/background static. I want to get the name of this company such that I may report it to the FCC/FTC. Sprint Spectrum L.p. VoIP METROCALL Darien CT

16, Apr. 2018

Do not answer all the personal information this people ask through texts. This number is used by the Police Department for Stings.

14, Apr. 2018

Company trying to sell debt reductions services and credit card interest rate reductions.

13, Apr. 2018

Wanted info and I kept saying I did not order and they kept saying it was paid for.

13, Apr. 2018

I called back and they said my number was linked to a case that was in mediation.. and if I knew of a person... I forgot the name but it was sooooo odd and sounded fake .. its was like Rowinda Stuffinhouser .. I laughed and said no I don't know her and he said ok I will remove your number. Im not sure what type of scam this is and what the purpose is if they are gonna make up names and people just say oh I don't know them ... hmmm

12, Apr. 2018

I have no contacts or connections in or with any of these states.

12, Apr. 2018

I called them back and they wouldn't tell me how they obtained my number.

12, Apr. 2018


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