Phone: 203-466-8711

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New Haven, Connecticut
Its exchange 466 is managed by SOUTHERN NEW ENGLAND TEL CO -
The number is currently on switch number EHVNCT00DS0 (switch is a technical specification for phone hobbyists)
Around 18% of people reported it as "Recorded Message"
There has been a total of 16 comments left about the number.
Latest people reported the number as that of "higher one, Higher One"
31, May. 2013

It is linked to a "company" pretending to be with college advisors. I have spoke with college advisors and they are persuing this issue. This number calls me all the time at 9am on the spot. You cannot call the number back. I work every time they call me or I would pick up and tell them to leave me alone! Once I get one number to stop callin me, another starts. They never leave a message. Infuriating.

5, Jun. 2013

They call me a lot, too. I am graduating this winter and have no need for some strange Connecticut adviser to try and contact me. Very obnoxious.

27, Jun. 2013

Called me this morning, name was-"HIGHER ONE" on my ID. I was curious who it was too.

9, Sep. 2013

They called me so many times. asking for my credit card number. don't get tricked.

8, Oct. 2013

Calling about "your Higher One account". Is a scam.

Enraged Velociraptor
30, Oct. 2013

I guess these people have nothing better to do in life then set up a computer to systematically call people. This is completely ridiculous! I have received no less than 30+ calls from these buffoons since having changed my number in March. Truly, what do these people want?! The most I've uncovered is that it's some sort of credit fraud scam. The Higher One agency is real, but may or may not be actually involved with this number. All I can assuredly say is this discourteous tomfoolery is entirely irritating.

9, Jan. 2014

Higher One is tied to a Pre paid bank card offered to students who have financial aid and loan money coming back to them.

7, Feb. 2014

I was called, too. I didn't answer since I don't know of anyone in New Haven. I am glad these comments. I have blocked calls from this number.

20, Mar. 2014

called me 4 x left msg about a refund they owe me....I called back and an automated man says..........punch in your credit card # and date of birth. I hung up.

11, Jul. 2014

Higher one IS an actual bank, it's a bank that is typically used for financial aid that you have left over from loans that was not used for tuition. Not a scam, it's okay.

Len I
18, Jul. 2014

I have been receiving numerous unsolicited messages from this number. I would like to be removed from their list ASAP.

14, Aug. 2014

This is a company that provides cards to college students with a refund from their financial aid. If you have questions about it contact the Bursar or Financial Aid office at your school and ask if they use this system. IT IS NOT A SCAM, it is a service that some universities use.

9, Sep. 2014

This is a company called Higher one that provides the card for college refund checks. If they are calling then more than likely they are calling about the status of your card

Don C.
17, Sep. 2014

Last comments are RIGHT! This isn't a scam. It's a Credit/Debit card company that my college puts funds on which are left over from my student loans. (College loans are fixed amount and depending on book prices/etc. you sometimes have extra money that they give you. I always take the money and pay it back directly against the financial aid loan. But again, it is legit. My college uses this as they don't offer to send checks anymore for extra loan money. It all goes on this Debit-card.

21, Jan. 2015

This is a legitimate caller. If you are in college and have not set up a way to get your refund they call to ask you to select an option. If you chose them as the option you can access the refund much faster than by receiving it snail mail. NOT A SCAM

23, Feb. 2015

just want the calls to stop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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