Area Code 202

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Area code: 202
State: District of Columbia
Country: USA
16, Aug. 2017

Me said I was under investigation for tax fraud if I do not call they will take it as me being guilty. Phone number is (415) 914-1567 I am so glad I Googled his name

16, Aug. 2017

Calls without leaving message; assume scam or spam

16, Aug. 2017

Scam- Says warrant has been issued for my arrest... BS

15, Aug. 2017

Received an email with this phone number as contact info. Email was from General John Kelly of Homeland Security. Apparently I have 5 million dollars waiting for me in West Africa.

Carmela Tarmmell
14, Aug. 2017

They call me and say the IRS have filled a collection on me

14, Aug. 2017

They won't stop calling my from different numbers same area code. Very irritating!

14, Aug. 2017

This number called me from Washington D.C. It said the purpose was regarding and enforcement action that has been executed by the US Treasury for tax fraud. It was a robot female voice. Told me to call back before I get arrested.

14, Aug. 2017

Surprised he gave me a call back number.... Said he could send it to Western Union, but I'm not buying it!!!

14, Aug. 2017

he told me he was an uber driver when i never ordered an uber and proceeded to verbally harass me even after i told him he had the wrong number, saying i had been running late

12, Aug. 2017

I was told I was getting a government grant for 9k today.

10, Aug. 2017

Answered. Said 'hello' twice. Nothing. Now blocked.

10, Aug. 2017

Got ahold of my 79 year old mother tried to talk her out of a donation for getting a letter to Congress concerning terms fortunately she is very rigid about not giving CC info on phone unless she initiated the call then they wanted email I took the call I said why he babbled about reaching petition number faster I said great what else will she receive in her email he starts talking about irs and other federal govt stuff I said what did you say and he got all confused his.manager took the phone and closed me up quickly with no further request for money or email this is a scam I said take my mother of my list you know at 80 it's illegal for telemarketer to Target the elderly

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