Area Code 202

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Area code: 202
State: District of Columbia
Country: USA

Because they claim to be from IRS and other departments we tend to believe them :( Did they have an indian accent?

24, Sep. 2016

This company keeps calling from various numbers at least once a month.

24, Sep. 2016

I could not tell them to stop calling because they would only repeat my first name.

24, Sep. 2016

The others were on 11/30 at 2:39, 11/29 at 3:31, 11/27 at 4:04, and 11/27 at 1:54.

24, Sep. 2016

It's the same call we constantly get but with a different phone number this time.

Beth Dewey
24, Sep. 2016

Caller is a tape recording... a very bad one. It is an IRS tax penalty claim that is bogus. i was given a case number and warned that by not calling we'll owe even more money to the IRS

24, Sep. 2016

Scam. Just called to say IRS is filing law charge. Got a call like this yesterday from another number

24, Sep. 2016

a message says that the phone number is no longer in service.

24, Sep. 2016

Until you decide to make it illegal for these programs to be sold by the spoofers it will go on.

23, Sep. 2016

This is greeting really old and is costing me money to use the *69 to get the telephone number.

23, Sep. 2016

Consumer was provided with a number to call to get further info.

23, Sep. 2016

Repeated Harrassment

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