Area Code 202

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Area code: 202
State: District of Columbia
Country: USA
19, Jan. 2018

Got a recorded message with a phone number to call back. 202-241-0524 "Warrant for my arrest, This is a message from the IRS." I called back the next day. Two busy signals and disconnects. The third call got through. IRS AGENT Steve Jacob BADGE NUMBER 6529-RH When I asked how I knew he was really from the IRS he said "Yes, I am". And after all the legal threats he said the outstanding dollar amount was $2689 And if I paid it now they would back off. After another 2 minutes of back and forth, they hung up on me.

19, Jan. 2018

They hung up without saying anything. This is a business line. Suspect telemarketer or scam.

19, Jan. 2018

Recorded IRS threatening to take you to court for taxes

19, Jan. 2018

Arrest The scammers Now Stop the calls

19, Jan. 2018

SAME GARBAGE, different number-White Page search showed in West Virginia, but now WHITE PAGES, will block us from seeing who is actually calling, "for their protection".[O PROTECTS US INNOCENT CONSUMERS?] Recording Was saying senior citizens eligible for free security alert necklace and system, plus $3,000 in groceries. I DID NOT PUSH ANY NUMBER BUTTONS, but this is getting to be harassment of a trying nature for us.

19, Jan. 2018

Subject matter of the call: heating and cooling company

18, Jan. 2018

Call said they were issuing a warrant for tax fraud and ss # would be blacklisted:(

18, Jan. 2018

Consumer has requested that the companies stop calling but, the calls continue.

18, Jan. 2018

Number calls me about every hour and I have no idea why

18, Jan. 2018

Called in the afternoon no message

18, Jan. 2018

please call about lowering your interest rates

18, Jan. 2018

The number, according to the area code, is based in California.

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