Area Code 202

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Area code: 202
State: District of Columbia
Country: USA
28, Jun. 2016

They have called repeatedly - sometimes at night and sometimes early morning. They say it is something about lowering our energy bill. It is strange they ask for "Nikki" since John Kunzer is the name on the bills. I have told them many times to remove our number - 'we are not interested' and they hang up.Thanks.

28, Jun. 2016

When I answered this call, the Caller identified themselves as American Airlines. I immediately asked to have my number removed. The caller was very pushy and stated this is not a call for money. She went on to say a new airport facility was being added to the tulsa ok area and I was invited to attend the grand opening. I interrupted her at this point and told her I'm not traveling and not flying and simply not intersted. She continued on with selling me I'd get 2 fee airline tickets. I hung up in her face at this point because the caller did not stop and would not stop even in my asking her too and telling her I'm not interested. The caller was a female and voice and accent appeared to be foreign. I did call this number back this morning 7/1/2015 and it's not a working number. Thank you for your time and attention in this matter.

28, Jun. 2016

Same here. Called the number in the message just top see who I got. Picked up, but no one there.

28, Jun. 2016

They claimed that they were irs & that i owed irs money & ikl ve getting arrested within a hour

28, Jun. 2016

Continued unwanted and harrassing calls.

27, Jun. 2016

Do not believe it to be a reputable business, more so a scam.

27, Jun. 2016

IRS Impersonation. Don't call back the number they give you. If the IRS wants to contact you they will us the USPS.

27, Jun. 2016

claims to be for a emergency alert device

27, Jun. 2016

I put my number on the DO NOT CALL list because I don't want to receive calls from charities, politicians, etc.

27, Jun. 2016

Have now blocked this phone number using my new Panasonic landline phone handsets.. We have caller ID, now that we have a fiberoptic digital land line, Search for cordless phones with call blocking. The set we have can block up to 300 phone numbers as well as block all calls "from private caller" where there's no caller ID. AND, it announces the name or number calling for unblocked numbers, so you don't have to bother answering. Real sanity saver.

27, Jun. 2016

I am a senior citizen and I feel like they are trying to take advantage.

27, Jun. 2016

to receive a 9000 government grant

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