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23, May. 2016 Reply

They call from a different number each time.

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9, May. 2016 Reply

Same as the above. Got the recorded message saying he was Officer Daniel Wiseman from the IRS Legal Dept. That there was a criminal lawsuit filed against me, case# CF93271. Said that he needed to hear from me soon or all he could do was wish me good luck. Its definitely a scam so ignore this call if you get one too.

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9, May. 2016 Reply

Caller claimed to be Ken Smith Labor Union Liaison for State of PA looking for a massage therapist to refer Labor union employees to. After seeing other comments online, looks like a scammer.

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5, May. 2016 Reply

Said a criminal lawsuit has been filed against me and to call them back

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4, May. 2016 Reply

When you try to talk to a representative to ask the company name, or to stop calling, the rep hangs up.

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30, Apr. 2016 Reply

Irs lawsuit. I ask for my personal info like last 4 of my ss#. He threatened to call the local police to come and arrest me. I told him I work for the Irs. He hung up!! Lol

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29, Apr. 2016 Reply

First off... He was Indian. I am too, so I would know. Said the IRS issued a warrant for my arrest. I'm going through the security clearance process right now so I know that's false. Indians don't name their kids James Bryant. Not to mention that the IRS will not make phone calls they mail you, without an audit, there is no further action, they put a lien on your wages. Laugh and hang up... Total scammer and a huge idiot... Be smarter than this scum. You scamming f*cks should eat shyt and die rather than do this for a living. Get a job.

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25, Apr. 2016 Reply

we ask that they take our name off the calling list and they told us no.

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16, Apr. 2016 Reply

It does not say who the company is.

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11, Apr. 2016 Reply

esto es una verdadera molestia puesto que uno piensa que le estan llamando personas conocidad y nunca un tele marketing.agradeceria no llamaran mas

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8, Apr. 2016 Reply

Like other people have reported my account is not near it's due date. But, the harassment from Verizon and the lies related to a pre-Christmas purchase from an email that they sent me if I would add a line I would receive an extra 2GB's per month. I never got that data and last month my data ran over by 5GB which they charge at $15 per GB. The buyouts from Sprint and AT&T are looking attractive!

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7, Apr. 2016 Reply

However, the same gentlemen persists in calling and does not take no for an answer.

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7, Apr. 2016 Reply

never answer, never leave a message just continually call back

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7, Apr. 2016 Reply

Scammer, hard sell, claimed we were not on the donnotcall list, creepy

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6, Apr. 2016 Reply

Since then, they've been pestering me constantly, and never take my number off their calling list.

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6, Apr. 2016 Reply

Called me multiple times. I finally picked up and is an automated machine that said it was "Verizon Wireless" and this call was not a sales or marketing call. The robocaller knew my name and asked me to press 1 to confirm my name. I hung up, sounds like a scam.

Not Fooled
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1, Apr. 2016 Reply

Same crap here. No name. Foreign accent. Left "second" message about appearing before a judge in federal court case. Sorry AH! Not fooled. Deleted message. Kick your ass!

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22, Mar. 2016 Reply

Called, I didn't answer. No message left. I live in Houston so no way I'd get a legit call from DC.

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22, Mar. 2016 Reply

they say they are from the US Treasury Dept. for tax fraud I don't get it.

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14, Mar. 2016 Reply

The caller knows when he is making a purchase.

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11, Mar. 2016 Reply

The IRS this is in reference to criminal lawsuit filed against you.

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24, Feb. 2016 Reply

Caller was trying to solicit business.

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23, Feb. 2016 Reply

Clearly it was not Great Southern Bank.

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29, Jan. 2016 Reply

They say I won millions of dollars.

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25, Aug. 2015 Reply

I pay for phone services not harassment.

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13, Aug. 2015 Reply

Have been called by this number more than once.

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5, May. 2015 Reply

This has been on-going for several weeks.

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1, Apr. 2015 Reply


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3, Mar. 2015 Reply

They call from multiple numbers sometimes multiple times per day.

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2, Mar. 2015 Reply

These calls come repeatedly and I keep hanging up.

Fighting Back
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23, Jan. 2015 Reply

Received a call from this number. I answered, but no sound and ultimately a 'click' hanging up the call. Obviously scam or something like it. So sick of these people looking for victims. If you see this number, DON'T ANSWER IT.

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9, Jan. 2015 Reply

They call a lot. Tell them, "It's done and they're all dead". Then hang up.

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10, Dec. 2014 Reply

Claimed it was for cell phone research.

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8, Dec. 2014 Reply

I don't even have Verizon Wireless and am getting more than 3 calls a day. Sometime early morning. This is annoying

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1, Dec. 2014 Reply

Just now called me and said I have a trial against my name. Bull!!!! I told him he's trying to scam me for money. He said something I couldn't understand and then said have a blessed day and he hung up. Foreigner for sure.

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26, Nov. 2014 Reply

^^^lol someone got scammed. But yeah, these people are annoying. They woke me up this morning.

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25, Nov. 2014 Reply

They started by asking if I could hear them properly even though the line was crystal clear Then they wanted to know if they had called xxx xxxx xxxx (my number) and after I said yes, the caller went silent. I stayed on the line for another 15 secs but did not hear anyone or anything even while the call was still connected.

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3, Nov. 2014 Reply

7:14 pm on November 2, 2014 – Received call from Out of Area from phone number 202-800-5672. No message was left. I am contacting the Texas Attorney General Office's about the call and report the number and company. I'm on the “Do Not Call List.” FIGHT BACK. Contact your State Attorney General's Office!!! http://www.puc.texas.gov/consumer/complaint/NoCallForm.aspx

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31, Oct. 2014 Reply

202-800-5659 is a SPOOFED NUMBER meaning a SCAMMER is behind the call. The caller ID says Teletown Hall, which is a real organization that provides interactive telephone services usually for political candidates, businesses, schools,sports teams, etc. (Teletown Hall, 4600 North Fairfax Drive, Suite 802, Arlington, VA 22203, 202-237-8313). It is very likely that Teletown Hall has had its phone number spoofed (hijacked)just like so many other small businesses by scammers.

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2, Oct. 2014 Reply

Said that they were the IRS, that they would send the police to arrest me and get me fired. They hung up when I laughed.

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25, Sep. 2014 Reply

I don't answer this number but have had several calls... they need to be stopped!

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31, Jul. 2014 Reply

Called twice on 7/31/14, Caller ID says Doctors Group No Message

Todd B
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31, Jul. 2014 Reply

I GOT A CALL FROM THE SAME NUMBER SCAMMING ME SAYING HE IS WITH THE IRS LEGAL DEPARTMENT AND THERE IS A LAWSUIT AGAINST ME. The number called me back 3 times and then left me a message that was very threatning

How to stop these calls
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20, Jun. 2014 Reply

These scam callers claim to be with Microsoft and want to help me "fix" Windows on my PC. They call at least weekly, and claim my PC is sending "bad messages to the internet". I can guarantee you that if you give them any information, you will be ruined financially, and will have a PC that never works the same way again-ever. I'm surprised Microsoft hasn't tracked them down to eliminate their scam operation under the guise of a Microsoft corporate entity. The way to fix this annoying problem of scam-callers and telemarketers is to vote AGAINST every politician who is currently in office. Why? Because we already have laws and processes to protect us from these scammers who want to steal our freedom and security. The incompetent career politicians who are currently in office have done nothing to enforce the laws we sent them to enforce. You can make a difference on your Primary and General Election Days by voting against EVERY politician in office - - fire them all, and replace them with new blood. If you do not fire every political moron, we will continue to receive these abusive and annoying illegal scam calls from the maggots known as telemarketers. The scam calls are a product of the career politicians who aren't doing the jobs we hired them to do. Scammers know there is no penalty for calling because politicians aren't enforcing the laws; politicians and scammers are bred from the same gene pool. Please be a true American and vote against ALL incumbents on Election Day!

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11, Jun. 2014 Reply

Called to say he got info from windows server and that I had a virus on my computer which we had just got back from the shop which they remove adware. We would turn the computer off and it would come back on because someone was accessing it.He had strong India Accent and could hardly understand him. He could not explain how he got my phone number from my computer - just wanted to know how that is possible unless he was the one that actually hacked my computer and got info of it. Please beware

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8, Jun. 2014 Reply

We have asked this company not to call us. Yet the harassment continues.

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14, May. 2014 Reply

This number calls 5 times a day. When I answer, it immediately hangs up. When I call the number back, it always says a message "We're sorry your call cannot be completed as dialed. Please check the number and dial again." I can't ask that number to stop calling me because I can never get any kind of response!

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29, Apr. 2014 Reply

KS Senator Pat Roberts calling wanting you to participate in a friendly town hall meeting. Quit calling Pat, I don't like you!

Tom Pendergraft
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13, Mar. 2014 Reply

If these bastards call me again I will find them, locate their office, and kill every employee they have..............

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10, Mar. 2014 Reply

Someone called stated they were from the irs and had my personal information.

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6, Mar. 2014 Reply

202-800-8554 --called and left a message saying "this is officer Daniels with the federal trade commission... I mean federal crime investigation unit and my badge number is 929. this is a very important call and I need you to call me back right away, there has been an investigation launched in your name. I called the number back and the person on that answered said that they worked for the IRS and that he was the manager. I've worked in collections and the voice mail he left was one of the most illegal message I've ever heard. on top of everything he said, he had a very heavy middle eastern accent.

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3, Mar. 2014 Reply

same thing happened to me an hour ago