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25, Apr. 2018

Same person identifies himself a John.

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19, Apr. 2018

I've blocking this number doesn't help. They're annoying and call several times a day. Instead of complying to request to unsubscribe and delete your number, reps have an attitude and hang up on you, only to receive annoying telemarketing calls again the following day day. Ughhhhh!

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3, Apr. 2018

This is IRS you must make call back immediately, the Plantiff is securing your mailing address and contact information.

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9, Mar. 2018

When I got angry with them they started to curse at me, first in Chinese, then in English.

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22, Feb. 2018

This number still calls repeatedly.

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19, Dec. 2017

This number has been harassing me

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15, Dec. 2017

Same irs scam

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15, Dec. 2017

They multiple times in a day.

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7, Dec. 2017

Caller States if you do not call them you will be charged with fraud case. From the Washington DC area.

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7, Nov. 2017

They called twice yesterday (11:33 AM and 5:37 PM) and once today (2:07 PM).

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23, Oct. 2017

They said I got 40,000 from the government just needed my bank info what a scam

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5, Sep. 2017

Left a message (computerized voice) on Friday threatening legal action if i don't call or have my attorney call

Scared Me
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29, Jul. 2017

i recieved a vm from the caller i mentioned above from irs giving me case # I R 7416. i freaked out a bit but i know i havnt comitted no fraud so i googled the number and came across this sight. i feel better now to know it is a scam and i dont have to call the irs... scary

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15, Apr. 2017

I always hang up the phone call, but later maybe I'll do it like you do, to keep them on the phone as long as I can.... I think a good idea too.

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23, Mar. 2017

At 1:40 AM I received a call that went to my voicemail from an unknown number.

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21, Mar. 2017

Went on to ask for 16 digit account number in order to unlock it.

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16, Mar. 2017

It is a call center, because they auto dial.

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14, Mar. 2017

With so many complaints here, whether they are really a Verizon or not... I think I don't want to receive a call from this number anymore, I will block this number from now on.

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9, Dec. 2016

Called but left no message, I know nobody who lives in Washington either. I assumed a telemarketer or a scammer. But would be nice if there is someone here who could clarify the owner of this phone number.

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23, Sep. 2016

alls several times a week, same message.

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7, Sep. 2016

Sounds like it would be a recorded message, but there is not any message at all.

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14, Aug. 2016

I have been called several times by this number in the last two weeks since I do not know the area code or number I do not answer calls like this they never leave a message on the answering machine.

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11, Aug. 2016

this is a jihadi scammer with an accent so thick its retarded. the irs will never call you

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11, Aug. 2016

Such a scam! Claiming to be the IRS urging you to hurry and call before being in serious federal trouble. They are trying scare tactics to get people to call them back. DO NOT CALL THEM BACK!!!!

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14, Jul. 2016

No caller ID to identify the company or the caller, but an on-line search revealed the number belongs to Credit Card Services.

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13, Jul. 2016

I have asked them repeatedly to put me on their do not call list.

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8, Jun. 2016

I had contacted a service named Porch.Com which locates contractors for such things as painting, flooring, etc. Then a get a call from a painter who I could not understand (think he was from India). He had a cell phone with my local area code but the home phone he had listed was in NY(area code 347). I emailed Porch.Com to cancel this visit as It would be hard to work with someone when we could not communicate. The next day I got a call from someone is the DC area (202 area code) asking if I had been contacted by Porch.com. He too sounded to be from India. The original person I spoke with at Porch spoke great English. I am not comfortable with this service.

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23, May. 2016

They call from a different number each time.

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9, May. 2016

Same as the above. Got the recorded message saying he was Officer Daniel Wiseman from the IRS Legal Dept. That there was a criminal lawsuit filed against me, case# CF93271. Said that he needed to hear from me soon or all he could do was wish me good luck. Its definitely a scam so ignore this call if you get one too.

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9, May. 2016

Caller claimed to be Ken Smith Labor Union Liaison for State of PA looking for a massage therapist to refer Labor union employees to. After seeing other comments online, looks like a scammer.

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5, May. 2016

Said a criminal lawsuit has been filed against me and to call them back

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4, May. 2016

When you try to talk to a representative to ask the company name, or to stop calling, the rep hangs up.

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30, Apr. 2016

Irs lawsuit. I ask for my personal info like last 4 of my ss#. He threatened to call the local police to come and arrest me. I told him I work for the Irs. He hung up!! Lol

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29, Apr. 2016

First off... He was Indian. I am too, so I would know. Said the IRS issued a warrant for my arrest. I'm going through the security clearance process right now so I know that's false. Indians don't name their kids James Bryant. Not to mention that the IRS will not make phone calls they mail you, without an audit, there is no further action, they put a lien on your wages. Laugh and hang up... Total scammer and a huge idiot... Be smarter than this scum. You scamming f*cks should eat shyt and die rather than do this for a living. Get a job.

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25, Apr. 2016

we ask that they take our name off the calling list and they told us no.

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16, Apr. 2016

It does not say who the company is.

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11, Apr. 2016

esto es una verdadera molestia puesto que uno piensa que le estan llamando personas conocidad y nunca un tele marketing.agradeceria no llamaran mas

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7, Apr. 2016

However, the same gentlemen persists in calling and does not take no for an answer.

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7, Apr. 2016

never answer, never leave a message just continually call back

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7, Apr. 2016

Scammer, hard sell, claimed we were not on the donnotcall list, creepy

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6, Apr. 2016

Since then, they've been pestering me constantly, and never take my number off their calling list.

Not Fooled
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1, Apr. 2016

Same crap here. No name. Foreign accent. Left "second" message about appearing before a judge in federal court case. Sorry AH! Not fooled. Deleted message. Kick your ass!

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22, Mar. 2016

Called, I didn't answer. No message left. I live in Houston so no way I'd get a legit call from DC.

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22, Mar. 2016

they say they are from the US Treasury Dept. for tax fraud I don't get it.

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14, Mar. 2016

The caller knows when he is making a purchase.

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11, Mar. 2016

The IRS this is in reference to criminal lawsuit filed against you.

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24, Feb. 2016

Caller was trying to solicit business.

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23, Feb. 2016

Clearly it was not Great Southern Bank.

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29, Jan. 2016

They say I won millions of dollars.

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25, Aug. 2015

I pay for phone services not harassment.

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13, Aug. 2015

Have been called by this number more than once.

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5, May. 2015

This has been on-going for several weeks.