Phone: 202-800-5654

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Washington, District Of Columbia (800) exchange.
Around 33% of people reported it as "Scammer"
There has been a total of 21 comments left about the number.
Latest people reported the number as that of "Samantha, samantha"
6, Jan. 2013

I have received several calls from this number, however, I don't answer it because I do not recognize the number. There is never a voice mail. It is 8:15PM on Saturday and they just called again!

7, Jan. 2013

prescott clearw..... 202-800-5654 call to advise me my dell computer sending reports of errors & wants to 'fix' my problems. I've no clue who these folks are, but paid Dell & IOLO Systems to monitor my computer and NO clue to this business being able to monitor my computer.

9, Jan. 2013

I got this call about six months ago, at that time I don't know if it was this number. I found out it was a total scam and I almost fell for it. Sense then I have had at least a dozen calls and it's always the same. Bottom line they want you to allow them to remotely fix your computer. once in you can't get them out.

10, Jan. 2013

A man with a Subcontinent accent asked for me by name, and though I told him the person he asked for wasn't home, he proceeded to tell me that he needed me to turn on my computer so he could fix it because of some error messages I was receiving. And of course I had no error messages, my computer was already on, and though I told him I had no business relationship with him, he still pitch his pathetic attempt to scam me. The caller ID showed 202-800-5654, Prescott Clearw. I would like to know how to find these lowlifes.

10, May. 2013

Received call this morning on my cell; advising me my debit card had been temporarily disconnected and to press 1 to be transferred to their security department

10, May. 2013

Received debit scam call today.

30, Jul. 2013

Got a call from Cassandra (with heavy Indian accent) saying that I've received a free trip. Yea right.

30, Jul. 2013

Calling about a home based business, but was a recording. Ha ha

Beagle Mom
30, Jul. 2013

just received a call from this number, couldn't tell if it was a recording or not.... they said it was about a job interview?? home pay starting @$500-1000 week (yeah right).....left a callback number of 714-598-1145.....when i don't recognize the number i usually just ignore it or pick up the phone & say eff off!!!!!

20, Nov. 2013

says it was a bout a job interview for a starting salary at $510,000 annually - yeah right!

11, Dec. 2013

I ignored this call, and they left a message that said it was about a job interview pay starting @$500-1000 week and they left a callback number of 714-598-1145. Total scam not returning this call.

11, Jun. 2014

got a robo voice saying my debit card was compromised and they suspended it. I was to hit "1" to get it reinstated. I hung up.

20, Jun. 2014

Saying my debit card was suspended and hit #1 to continue - I hung up since they didnt identify my bank name. My bank said they have received several calls today with the same message. Sad we can't trust people!

20, Jun. 2014

Received a call from this number today saying my debit card was suspended and to hit #1 to continue... I hung up since they didn't give any identifying information, my/their name, bank name, etc. Googled the number and it comes up as various scams.

20, Jun. 2014

Same as 3 above comments. Debit card suspended. Called back and added my number to their do not call database.

21, Aug. 2014

No name appeared on my cell, only the phone number 202-800-5654, so I just rejected it because I remembered seeing this same phone number before call my cell and I just ignored those calls too.

2, Sep. 2014

call or database call clicked off when I answered phone. will not answer it again.

7, Oct. 2014

15, Oct. 2014

I received a call today 10/15/2014 at 11:22 am....did not pick up. If I don't recognize the number....sorry. Why isn't there a simple way to shutdown the BS. If enough people get c**p from a phone number/company...just shut it down. It should be that simple.

15, Oct. 2014

Sign up for Nomorobo. You can thank me later. This FREE service will drastically reduce those unwanted calls from telemarketers and scammers. Just remember, when you receive an unwanted scammer call, be sure to report it at the nomorobo site. This company won the contest hosted by the US Government on how to stop robo callers. .........

3, Nov. 2014

picked up receiver and just got static. Need a way to get them to stop calling us. This is a crank number!

Fighting Back
23, Jan. 2015

Received a call from this number. I answered, but no sound and ultimately a 'click' hanging up the call. Obviously scam or something like it. So sick of these people looking for victims. If you see this number, DON'T ANSWER IT.

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