Phone: 202-738-1774

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Washington, District Of Columbia (738) exchange.
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19, Mar. 2013

They called asking information and telling me my address, creepy, and giving me a pin and telling me to call back so that I can get $7,000. I had to ask for Edward. This was verified it is SPAM and please do not answer.

8, Apr. 2013

Please do not respond to this scam. A man named Edward claims he is from the US government payroll. I informed him that I work for the US Dept of Treasury (which I do) and he became aggressive and woul not answer any questions regarding his company or lottery. (I learned of him and his calls through a Treasury hotline complaint. )

Anita Beavers
5, Jul. 2013

Called to say I had a $9000 tax free grant from the government, but I had to go to Western Union and wire $310.00. Call them at this number when I am at Western Union and they would walk me through how to send it. I would receive back by wire $9310.00. They would refund my money back to me.

10, Jul. 2013

28, Oct. 2013

They call and said that ii got a 9000 dls grant, don\'t like that they had all my info in their computer. while i had the guy on the phone i call for my grant and i heard on the back ground a phone ring,what a coincidence... and i look for it in the internet and a saw this ad THXS GUYS I ALMOS FALL IN TO IT...

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