Phone: 202-738-1667

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Washington, District Of Columbia (738) exchange.
Around 50% of people reported it as "Scammer"
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Latest people reported the number as that of "Matt Johnson, John Cooper"
3, Aug. 2013

Part of a scam claiming you qualified for a $7,000 gov't grant. they want $310 for making sure you are the right person.

29, Aug. 2013

just received a call claiming i "won" a 7k grant. 2 of the ways to receive my grant involve giving them my bank information or my visa/mastercard information. the 3rd option is to speak with an account manager and have them send me cash. uhm. no. you called me, gave me my address, so send me a money order and some documents.

5, Sep. 2013

This person claimed to be from the Government Grant Department, stating that I qualified for a $7,000.00 grant, money I would never have to pay back. But there is a catch, I have to go down to the Western Union and call when I get there, and they would give me more information so I could send $250 to prove I am who I claim to be. Then the $7000 and $250 would be sent back to me. When I questioned them on it, they said if I don't want the money, that was fine they would just return the money back to the bank and it would be sent to a charity. Then he hung up on me.

22, Nov. 2013

202-738-1667- through a very thick accent I was informed that I was to receive $7000 tax free dollars tbat didn't have to be paid bacl. I was offered the three options...8 told. Him he could send it tgo me on a master he asked me for my charge card number. At that point I told him to go f___ himself and hung up. Undetured, he called me right back and suggested the cash I talked to him. Sort of fun really. He told me I should call the next day and that he would call to remind me. Armed with my instructions I waited for his call the today. When he called, I returned the call to his supervisor, but unfortunately got voicemail. I had planned to go along with it to the end and since I knew the game plan have a little fun at their expense.

Donnie G
18, Jun. 2014

I received a call around 1:16 PM CST. The caller stated that I was eligible for a government grant for 7,000 that did not ever had to be paid back . He gave me the choices or options of how I would accept the money and I told him cash. He then mentioned I would have to call back the number in question and give them a code of " NH486" and speak with hs senior officer named Brian Williams. Mr. williams would then direct me on how I am to get my money. I asked Mr. Cooper what is this going to cost me? He said "You will have to speak to my manager". I said look I know this is a joke but I will call. I knew this was a scam so I went to and sure enough there it is! I called the number back but the line has been busy . I will not be calling back .

8, Aug. 2014

they said I won a7k grant that didn't have to be paid back but I had to send them 150.00 on a green dot card. Its all a scam. I said I knew I was being scammed and she hung up on me

10, Mar. 2015

I didn't answer it just before that I got one about the IRS GONNA PUT A LAWSUIT AGAINST ME FOR SOMETHING .. So tried of all these calls aircraft changed my number once ..

20, Mar. 2015

I got a call too today saying that I qualified for $7K grant money because I pay my taxes and all this other bull. Had my name correct but not my address. Said if I go down to the local walmart they will release my funds after I provide my Grant ID Number of JM9003 but right before I go into the Walmart I am to call Alex Gendre at 253-843-6189 because he is the right person to release my funds. What a bunch of crock. And that number for Alex Gender is always busy. I called just to see what this guy was going to say and then I was going to s***w with him. Bunch of freaking losers. WTH.

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