Phone: 202-697-7222

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Washington, District Of Columbia (697) exchange.
Around 30% of people reported it as "Unknown"
There has been a total of 55 comments left about the number.
Latest people reported the number as that of "no idea, I don't know"
2, Aug. 2013

Not sure what it is they have called me few times today. I picked up twice and they hung up on me both times.

7, Aug. 2013

She has called a few times within the last week. 3 or 4 times when I answered the call, she hung up. This is very annoying and on the brink of harassment in my opinion. I am going to call my phone service provider (land line) and see if I can get this number blocked.

7, Aug. 2013

They said that the gov was giving out graints and i was on their list they wanted my account number I told him that this sounds like a scam to i made up a account number

8, Aug. 2013

Its a recording that waited a few seconds and then said bye. Really freaky. Especially since irs from D.C. and i know they have been tapping our phones.

12, Aug. 2013

The lady started yelling at me when i told her it was a prank so i pretended to go along with her until she asked for my card info and social security i was OHHHH she thinks she's smart all right and i hung up.

24, Aug. 2013

Have received calls from this D.C. area code 3 times since yesterday. When I answer there's no one there. This is getting on my nerves! What good is the "No Call" list? No one abides by it! I have a long list of this type of call that I have reported. Have I rec'd any answers? You guessed it. NO!

3, Sep. 2013

A female caller calls and asked for me by name but when I asked "Who is calling" she hung up.

4, Sep. 2013

This number along with a ton of other numbers have been calling me over the last week (upwards of 30 or 40 calls total) and it all started on a particular day. I tried answering once and said I was on the FTC's no call list and the person hung up. As others have said, I guess the no call list doesn't work. On the brink of changing my number.

7, Sep. 2013

Asked for me by my name, when I asked who I was speaking to she hung up..this number has called me 4 times today.

10, Sep. 2013

It rang twice, never got a response.

11, Sep. 2013

receiving numerous calls, however, calls are now blocked! so tired of getting senseless and annoying calls!

15, Sep. 2013

calls and hang up

16, Sep. 2013

Lady calls and ask for me by name and quickly hangs up without saying anything

26, Sep. 2013

Make this stop please!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Calling constantly. Something about a grant.

In Miami
27, Sep. 2013

Someone called me at 1:15pm from this number - asked for me by name and when I confirmed they hung up. I called back from a landline and a recording stated "call rejected". I am blocking this number!

5, Oct. 2013

Knew this had to be some kind of scheme. They keep calling but I have a policy of not answering and by others comments glad that I have not.

9, Oct. 2013

I got a call on my cell phone from this number (202) 697-7222 when I ask who is this she hung up and when I tried to call back "call rejected" it has to be a scam or the gov. tapping phones!

9, Oct. 2013

Called my wife three time-she said this is her and they hung up.

11, Oct. 2013

I received two calls from this number at the same time. A male with broken English asked for me and hung up, I was getting a call from the same number on another line. both hung up .

23, Oct. 2013

this is a scammer, do not give out any info about yourself, they will tell you the tresuary dept. is giving out grants, that a bunch of s**t, don't fall for it, beware

24, Oct. 2013

Several hang ups showing on my answering machine, and I did talk to them once. Very heavy Indian/Pakistani accent telling me she was from some Washington DC government department and I could get free money. Told her I was busy, could she call back later.

29, Oct. 2013

I knew this was a scam from the start and let him talk. he had a very heavy accent and I could hardly understand him. After 3 or 4 minutes when he asked for my bank account information I hung up - he called back 4 times and i ignored the calls. he left me a NASTY voicemail telling me that if I want the grant money that I would have to have s*x with him and that I could kiss his a$$. Very vulgar message.

1, Nov. 2013

These people have been harassing my wife. She has asked them to stop calling several times. The last time a man made violent sexual threats to herr. They called back once more and i answered, he immediately hung up...cowards!

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