Phone: 202-684-6662

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Washington, District Of Columbia
Its exchange 684 is managed by TELEPORT COMMUNICATIONS GROUP,
The number is currently on switch number WASHDCTTDS0 (switch is a technical specification for phone hobbyists)
Around 100% of people reported it as "Scammer"
There has been a total of 11 comments left about the number.
Latest people reported the number as that of "IRS scam, IRS scam"
28, May. 2015

I had one call from this number ..seems like our busy gov, is on the ball ,,,they have named it and made a message to all all the work for them i guess ,,,if they wanted to help us ,,they would answer the dam phone ...202 684 6662 can kiss my [***]

28, May. 2015

Total scam. I answered and she claimed the IRS is going to sue us. Told them I was going to report them to the FCC/FTC/IRS. Told her to STFU, and hung up. Then got another call from them on our answering machine this morning. :(

28, May. 2015

calls up to 3 times per day, autovoice claims IRS is filing lawsuit against me and to call back right away, SCAM!

29, May. 2015

Just received vm that the IRS was going to sue me and to call this number right back for more details. Looked the number and saw these comments. THANK YOU!

29, May. 2015

IRS scam !!! Do not fall for it. Hang up on them. They will try to say you owe back taxes. Sum 2500-2700 . they will say you have to pay now or face immediate action. Threaten to take your house garnish your wages and get placed in jail.

31, May. 2015

I received a call from the number 202-684-6662 at 10:44am today, May 29th. It was a woman's recorded message saying that they were the IRS and I was being sued by them. Told me to call that number back but I didn't as I knew it had to be a scam call. On my caller id it showed the location as Washington, DC. Bunch of idiot's to think I would fall for their stupid act.

2, Jun. 2015

Recording left on my answering machine, stating this was a Final Notice, the IRS was filing a lawsuit against me, and I should call their dept number 202-684-6662 to get more information. Scam!

4, Jun. 2015

They always call me twice a day, night and day! Don't ever answer them! I answered one time, and they said that I owe some thousands money to IRS, WT*! It's totally scam. I never answer them after that.

28, Jun. 2015

I just got a voicemail about the IRS suing me. The quality of the recording that they used was horrible. I want to hear from someone who played along -- what did they ultimately want you to do? Send a check, wire money? And to whom?

30, Jun. 2015

A message was left on my caller ID that this was a final attempt to contact me and I was being sued by IRS and to call this number 202-648-6662. The caller Id said it was a District of Columbia number. Called the sheriff's office. Said it was a scam.

9, Jul. 2015

government grant scam. they ask you to go to a 7eleven or cvs and load a green dot card with 200. claim it's to verify your identity. don't be stupid people! they called from (202) 684-6662

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