Phone: 202-540-5118

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Washington, District Of Columbia (540) exchange.
Around 39% of people reported it as "Unknown"
There has been a total of 28 comments left about the number.
Latest people reported the number as that of "American Institute??, American Institute of Cancer 202-540-5118"
16, Oct. 2011

This is American Institute for Cancer Research, 1759 R Street, NW, Washington, DC 20009. Call Tel: (800) 843-8114 telephone number. You can get your number removed from their call list if they decide to call you. The thing with these charities is that they are not under the DO NOT CALL list obligations. That means they can call you even if you're on the DNC, you need to individually notify them that you don't want to receive further calls from them.

16, Oct. 2011

Have gotten a call from these guys too. Appears they're in the washington area not far from Fort Dupont Park. Which is close to where I live actually.

22, Dec. 2011

Calls once a day, leave no message

9, Jan. 2012

very annoying receiving a call at least once per day leaving no message or will not answer so I can ask to take me off their list

15, Jan. 2012

Called 4:50 PM on a Sunday evening. Have these organizations no class?

21, Jan. 2012

They call several times each day. I never answer it. At what point do they give up?

28, Jan. 2012

I want people at 202-540-5118 tyo stop calliong me.

9, Feb. 2012

How do I go about letting them know that I no longer want them to call me This is INVASION OF PRIVACY!!!!!

15, Feb. 2012

This is getting old and I need for these people to stop calling. Have gotten 1 to 2 calls every day for over 2 weeks. How do we stop these people? Apparently the "Do not call List " is no good.

tired of this
21, Feb. 2012

Please stop calling.

16, Apr. 2012

call the number back press 1 then press 0.Listen to the options it gives you one to not receive calls from them

4, May. 2012

They are looking for donations but as the anonymous poster suggested, call the number then #1 then follow the instructions and your number will be removed.

1, Jun. 2012

Calls every day between 8 am and 8:30 pm. Obviously an automated call. When we do occasionally answer, there is no response. I wish their phones would all melt. No legitimate charity uses thess tactics. Apparently all they want is you credit card number so they can sell it to crooks. It's enough to make you canel all your phone numbers and go back to snall mail for all communication.

13, Jun. 2012

I receive calls from this number once a day and I never pick up. There is never a message left.

8, Jul. 2012

calls every day leaves no message even on a sunday calling take me off the calling list because i screen all calls

27, Jul. 2012

I called the number and followed the instructions to remove my name. The message said that it would take up to 30 days to remove my number, however, they are going to try to do it within 2 to 3 days. We will see.

7, Aug. 2012

Constantly calling at all time of day but leaves no message.

7, Aug. 2012

202-540-5118 just called my residence at 1847 local time. Caller I. D. Identified the call as" American Insiitute" . I answered "hellos" waited for three seconds and then Sid "good by" and hung up. I m on the do not call list and have a non- published telephone number.

8, Aug. 2012

The AICR calls a couple of times per day. You can have your phone number removed from their list by dialing the number. Press #1, follow the directions and the calls should stop.

14, Aug. 2012

Called early morning. I don't answer unknown calls. Hung up as soon as message came on.

14, Aug. 2012

This number (202-540-5118) called my residence, a non published number at 1220 local time and asked for a Mr. Lumen. I said "no" and hung up. I have received several calls this week from this number. None of the callers knew anything about the residence or me.

1, Sep. 2012

Call back press 1listnen for prompts to delete your number. I wait to see if this works!

8, Sep. 2012

These multiple daily calls from 202-540-5118 must be a prank fom some sick person with lots of time to play on the phone. I get 3 to 5 calls a day for the last 6 months according to my caller ID that stores over 1 million numbers. Thank God for caller ID to let me know when to pick up and when not to pick up. KEEP IT UP AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF CANCER. I'M RETIRED AND HAVE NOTHING BETTER TO DO THAN DODGE YOUR CALLS AND PUT OUT THE BAD WORD ON YOU AND YOUR PRANK CALLS ON THESE INTERNET BLOGS FOR BS ARTISTS CALING US CONSUMERS THAT ARE GOING TO CHANGE THE CALING LAWS ONE DAY.

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