Phone: 202-506-1967

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Washington, District Of Columbia
Its exchange 506 is managed by SOUTHWESTERN BELL MOBILE SYSTE
The number is currently on switch number BTVLMD18CM0 (switch is a technical specification for phone hobbyists)
Around 57% of people reported it as "Unknown"
There has been a total of 14 comments left about the number.
Latest people reported the number as that of ""gloria day", Gloria Day"
30, Jul. 2013

Said I was identified as a good citizen by the US Gov't and would receive a grant for $9000.

21, Aug. 2013

almost 3 times i have received call from this number .. It was voice recording first .. he said it is a call from J P Morgan , Tax dept and i do have some legal warranty issued on my name related to federal tax . Then I called back the same no and one person picked up and he stated the same .. He also correctly said my home address . He was talking very rudely . I checked with ERS team and there is nothing as such .

17, Oct. 2013

Received multiple calls from this number.they never leave a message. When i picked up its a recording asking you to hold. Finally was fed up this a.m. and called the # back. 3 minutes after I received the calI and received the standard recording saying the the line was disconnected. I used my REVERSE LOOKUP linked through Google and the caller information shows as Frances Jackson located at 5539 Bass Place S.E. Washington DC 20019.

24, Jan. 2014

I recieve multiple calls from this number offering me a $9,000 grant because I was selected for having no criminal record. Uh...really?

28, Feb. 2014

13, Mar. 2014

Never anyone on line, they call daily

13, Mar. 2014

This number called me when I returned the call it was disconnected.

15, Mar. 2014

I have received 3 calls today from this bogus number, and the person on the other end, terminates the call as soon as i answered. This has to stop, i can only be polite but for so long... And how did they get my cell # when i am not listed, nor do i live in the Washington metro area???

6, Apr. 2014

They call constantly i have told Them not to call but they still are

6, Apr. 2014

I was just called again saying that i was getting a 9000 dollar grant for paying my taxes on time this is really starting to piss me off i am ready to fly. To wash and locate who ever this is

Ashley Zerbe
7, Apr. 2014

If this is a scam and has been going on for some time now, why hasn't something been done about it??? Come on now... this s**t is right out of Washington D.C. if they can't protect their own state from terrorist calls than why are we expecting them to save the world? MINE WAS NOT A RECORDING!!! Apparently these people are getting more bold with every move... perhaps its the lack of discipline for the "un-Americans" in this country!!!

8, Apr. 2014

this number has called several times its a recording202-506-1967 it maybe the same callers who use 202-666-8460 and give the same message about money thats available to me

22, Apr. 2014

I was told that my number was randomly selected by the US Federal Government to be given a $9,000.00 grant. I immediately told them that I suspect them as scammers and not to call me again. He argued in his foreign accent that no, his name is Mare and he is not a scammer and the government want to give me this grant. I repeated not to call me again and hung up. I am so tired of this type of calls. By the way Ashley, Washington D.C. is NOT a state.

23, Apr. 2014

Caller ID showed "Gloria Day". I know no one by this name, or this number, but I picked up and a man asked for "Helen". He had a foreign accent. When I told him he had the wrong number, he said "oh, okay", then hung up.

24, Apr. 2014

they told me i just won a $9000 thousand dollar grant 4 having a clean criminal record and paying may taxes on time. i said great since u have my information come 2 my front door and hand it 2 me they said it docent work that way and i said neither do i.

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