Phone: 202-455-8888

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Washington, District Of Columbia
Its exchange 455 is managed by DSLNET COMMUNICATIONS VA, INC.
The number is currently on switch number VINNVAGXOMD (switch is a technical specification for phone hobbyists)
Around 36% of people reported it as "Recorded Message"
There has been a total of 66 comments left about the number.
Latest people reported the number as that of "Google Voice, google"
13, Oct. 2012

Call late at night . This time at 11:31pm CST. Leaves an access code. When you call back the number to see where it goes to it says "unable to complete the call". NEEDS TO STOP. What's the use of DO NOT CALL... if these spammers just ignore it.

26, Oct. 2012

They called at 4:30 AM!!!!!

30, Oct. 2012

I would like to know what this number is for.

3, Nov. 2012

Received a call, was given a verification number then, hung up on. Nothing to verify that they actually got a correct number.

13, Nov. 2012

This is a number used by Google for verification codes for secure access to gmail account

25, Nov. 2012

It called me 4 times. I never answered I finally blocked it.

29, Nov. 2012

this number just called me 3 times . 12:32 am has a recording and leaves a code. what is this?????

22, Dec. 2012

Clearly these are cowards afraid of negative human interaction.

6, Jan. 2013

recieved call asking for 2 digit code, don't know what this is about. I have placed the number on the no call list. I believe there is a scammer at work

26, Jan. 2013

This the number Google uses to verify your password change.

27, Jan. 2013

I see alot of comments here, but none ssaying who this is!! and why are they calling???

29, Jan. 2013

I had a guy that wanted to call me and said he was setting up to use google voice. He said I would get a call needing a varification # and to use 73. So I did. He said "good, now I can call you for free!" Hmmmm still haven't gotten a call from him. This phone# isn't tied to any of my accounts, only a few friends know this #. I don't know what to expect, or what to try to protect if it's a scam! Anyone have any ideas? Thanks.

30, Jan. 2013

Received a call, was given a verification number then, hung up on.

10, Feb. 2013

This is Google Voice calling to confirm a Google Voice forwarding number, I use google voice and if you mistype your number in the app, it will obviously go to someone else.... its not spam, its someones mistake

12, Feb. 2013

Sounds like a recorded message in Chinese, possibly giving or asking for a code. We don't use Google Voice, so this is not some innocent mistake.

4, Mar. 2013

Calls and just a woman's voice leaving random code numbers. Called me a 2:30 AM PST.

6, Mar. 2013

about once or twice a week...they ask for my 2 digit code that they claim I recieved

15, Mar. 2013

Received call 3:17 a.m. leaving a 2 digit voice mail. Also received 3 text messages from 3 different numbers within 2 minutes of this call giving a Google verification code.

20, Mar. 2013

I received two calls today (03/20/2013). The first one was at 7:28 am and second one at 7:30. I did ignore call twice but they left a message with a code: 390505. Does any one know what that is?

8, Apr. 2013

This call is for gmail. When you set up a new email account with them, they call with a recorded verification number as the final process for your email.

12, Apr. 2013

this is the number that shows up when Google needs to verify via a phone call

13, Apr. 2013

I had a online dating person ask if he could verify my cell for Google and I did enter the two digits - it is a SCAM

22, Apr. 2013

NONE CALLED 4/21 6;32 PM

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