Phone: 202-407-9787

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Washington, District Of Columbia (407) exchange.
Around 48% of people reported it as "Scammer"
There has been a total of 25 comments left about the number.
Latest people reported the number as that of "seyoum, Catherine wayne"
6, Jul. 2013


27, Oct. 2013

these people called me from 202-407-9787 and said that the government had a 9,000 grant for me and all i had to pay was $230 via western union, and i said if it is free money then why am i sending you money, i also said take the $230 out of the 9,000 u sending me. wtf they must thought i was born yesterday.

2, Nov. 2013

This guy has called about every three weeks to tell me that I am getting a grant from the US govt. B*llSh*t! I turned the number over to the FBI

6, Dec. 2013

This number just call me and ask me to go to money grann , and from there I will have to send them 250$ and I get 9000$ from the Federal gorverment ! I know it's a scam . How can I repot them to the FBI?
22, May. 2014

Scamming using government grants

26, Aug. 2014

Called me telling me that they were Microsoft and that my operating system is being used by hackers and that my email was creating an issue with their servers...

29, Nov. 2014

Indian sounding female. Trying to get me to go to my computer, and allow them to login. Not happening

Not Stupid
22, Dec. 2014

Number 202-407-9787 is assigned to a Level 3 Communications(Verizon) Mobile Phone & the call signal is coming from cell towers located in Maryland along the I-495 area. Not Legitimate US Government calls! Besides our US Goverment does not make any type of telemarketing calls & government grants do not require any type of processing fee at all! Contact News Media to get the word/warning out about this fraudulent scam! DO IT NOW!!!

13, Jan. 2015

Every day at the same time, I get a call from 202-407-9787. However, I do not answer, but do not appreciate being bothered.

13, Jan. 2015

Hacker, ivaided all of my information and has control of my computer

21, Jan. 2015

I received call from woman apology for dial wrong number.

12, Feb. 2015

I have gotten two calls from this number stating they are calling from AT&T Connect Tech.. I have told them that the name would have come up on caller I D as AT&T. This female wanted to know if my computer was running alrigh and I told her What computer I have no computers in m home and hung up.

2, Sep. 2015

I told him we must have a bad connection because I couldn't understand him. Then I hung up.

8, Oct. 2015

This person has to be arrested, investigated and go to jail!

9, Oct. 2015

I also received a call stating to go to Walmart and pay $220 for $9,200.00. I told them it does not cost uto receive funds. I was called a liar and the phone wss disconnected. I hope these people are caught.

13, Oct. 2015

Someone from this number has called me several times over the past few weeks. I spoke to the caller today. His name was Richard, and he had a heavy accent. He told me I was eligible for a $9000 grant because I had paid my taxes on time, not declared bankruptcy in the last 6 mths and more that i couldn't understand. He gave me a number to call, which was the same number he was calling from, and a code to use. I looked it up and learned it was a scam. I guess they're changing their tactics in order to seem more plausible. I wonder what would have happened if told him I just declared bankruptcy today:)

14, Oct. 2015

I've been getting calls from this number but I haven't answer any of them. I don't like answering calls from numbers i don't recognize. I use Clean Master on my mobile phone and every time I get a call from this number, the screen shows me that it has been reported as a harassment. I searched this number on internet and basically found out that is a scammer, so I used the Clean Master app to ignore future calls from this number. Problem solved.

27, Oct. 2015

The lady that answered when I'v calld back just keep saying be quite when I told her to stop call e at work. I going to have to use Clean Master too.

28, Oct. 2015

Called for 5 times today. When asked to be removed the female told me she was coming to my house and rape and f*luck me with her p***s and she was laughing when I said my child is sitting right next to me. Just contacted the police department.

5, Nov. 2015

I got a call from this number saying I won $9,200 because I have paid my bills on time, I haven't filed for bankruptcy in the last year. Idk if its a scam or real ?

10, Nov. 2015

It's a scam, but can sound pretty legit. I asked them the second time they called if they know what the FTC was. She said "no" so I told her I already filed a report, which I did. She hung up.

12, Nov. 2015

They have called me 10 times in the last 2 days, easily. I got the whole $9000 grant from the government thing, then asked to be put on a do not call list. The indian sounding guy said he would do so, only if I called him baby and said I loved him. Now, he is calling me, saying he met me at some Halloween party where I pissed myself, he loves me, wants to marry me, etc. I also have a voicemail of him singing me One Direction's Beautiful...

17, Nov. 2015

Catherine Wayne called me from this number and told me I was to receive a $9200 federal grant. She instructed me to call Mark Williams at 646 797 3100 ext 117. When I called mark told me that I was approved for a federal grant ( which I never applied for) and that I had to pay taxes of $210 on the money to be received. He told me to go to Walmart and call him when I got there and that he would give me instructions on how to pay the taxes to a federal accountant named Josef jeera. And that after I sent the taxes to him through the Walmart money gram that I would receive my grant within 15 minutes at that same money gram. I am not stupid. First of all you don't pay taxes on a grant and second if it was a federal grant he could have just given me the information then instead of having to call him back. I also searched the names and phone numbers and found this site and no link between names and phone numbers to the government. As a matter of fact, when I did a paid phone number lookup I found that both numbers were actually cell phone numbers.

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