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  • Regional statistics: Washington, District Of Columbia has a population of 552433 that is in a county of 248338 units. The city is in a county that is 61 square miles. 202-241 is available through the regional telephone switch # WASHDCRGDS0 in the Washington area.
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12, Jan. 2018

This number called me 2 times today and left me 2 voice msgs stating that I was under investigation for tax fraud and the irs had filed a lawsuit against me and I would be arrested if I didn’t call this number back within 24 hours...... I didn’t call, but this is so f’d up!!!! These are scary words to hear, whoever is doing this should be ashamed of themselves.....What a bunch of lowlifes.....

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9, Jan. 2018

Total scam, they could not even use proper English. Using scare tactics within voice mail by stating I would get arrested..

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6, Jan. 2018

I'm not sure but I was given this number to call, he said he was interested in an ad posting and to contact him. I did call, and was hung up on. I'm not sure if maybe this number now belongs to someone but yeah definitely fishy.

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20, Dec. 2017

Got this IRS scammer call threatening me , good luck trying this on innocent people that aware of the bs out there. The scammer is introducing himself as an officer sounds middle eastern maybe Indian stating that if you don't answer to this call there will be criminal charges against you as an individual. Scam number to be aware of 1 (202) 241-1780

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19, Dec. 2017

Obvious robo-call scammer. "The purpose of this call is IRS filing a lawsuit against you. To get more information about this case file call immediately on our department number 202-241-2544. I repeat 202-241-2544. Thank you." This was at my work number.

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19, Dec. 2017

Robot phone call that does not leave a voicemail message but is soliciting home security business if call answered.

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18, Dec. 2017

Too bad we all can't call this guy back and threaten him. There should be a law and a punishment designed for people that make a living scamming folks out of their money.

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14, Dec. 2017

I would have reported much sooner, but there is a 31 day wait in your policy before I am able to report.

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14, Dec. 2017

Called me from different phone numbers caller ID said the name was Matthew John with the same badge number as others have listed above and said that there is a lien on my house and I'm a bank accounts until I paid what was owed and I have 24 hours to make payment

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13, Dec. 2017

Same here as all of the above, I am so sick of all the scams and telemarketing going around. ‭+1 (202) 241-1016‬

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29, Nov. 2017

Once there was considerable profanity directed toward me.

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21, Nov. 2017

I received a Robot call from 202-241-6151 yesterday. It said don't try to disregard this message and return the call if you don't return the call and if I don't hear from your attorney all I thing which I can do is wish you a good luck as the situation badly unfolds on you goodbye and take care.

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13, Nov. 2017

My caller ID shows its Member Services.

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8, Nov. 2017

This caller was not comfortable with the English language and wanted me to claim a cash prize that I had won.

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1, Nov. 2017

Got several calls from this number over a period of 3 days. At least 4 a day- stating the same thing about owing the IRS money and a lawsuit has been filed against me, blah, blah blah. So clearly a scam. I finally answered after getting about 6 vm, and told the guy to send the police to arrest me as I could use the break from work and kids. A few days in jail sounds really good to me. Weird, but the police never showed up and they quit calling. LOL

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30, Oct. 2017

lol I got the same voicemail from the the same number too. Good to know that its just a scam.

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26, Oct. 2017

Subject matter of the call: Unrequested Loan

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24, Oct. 2017

Since it's a recording, I was not able to ask them to stop calling.

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24, Oct. 2017

Yes. This guy has very strong accent (like from Philippine), claimed his is IRS officer. I told him I don't understand him . He cut off the line.

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14, Oct. 2017

Left threatening message stating its in my best interest to call them back.

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9, Oct. 2017

Same as above, saying they are IRS , committed intentional fraud, they coming to get me! I cursed out the foreign tongued moron and told him I paid more in income tax then he earned and he should go back to from where he came from and he is a horrible person to do what he's doing and god will get him

lamin jatta
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6, Oct. 2017

the number is saying there is a lawsuit against me by irs and if i need it not to be pursued u should give them a call back

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5, Oct. 2017

They call, no ID, don't leave a message

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3, Oct. 2017

The caller told it's a call from IRS and they had issued arrest warrant for tax fraud.. Caller claimed him as Agent Vincent with badge number 98221.. The caller told me a letter was sent to my address of tax fraudulent lawsuit which I never receive. He want me to give criminal attorney details to continue with law suit at court. I am regular tax payer with a CPA accountant but he told we are not supposed to file tax thru third party/ accountant : | First few minutes, I was in a shock as he told my passport is blacklisted and i will be arrested in 45 minutes and deported from country! I asked him to send the police so that I give the details and hanged up the call.

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29, Sep. 2017

Fake IRS agents calling from several different number

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26, Sep. 2017

Claimed he was with the IRS but still wanted me to just "give him" my social security number. I told him that if he was with the IRS he could give me my social security number. He then got mad started bitching and then hung up on me. They have called me every day at least 2-4 times a day. I don't know how to get them to stop calling me.

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21, Sep. 2017

I have asked them to take me off of their list 5 times yet they still call.

Ashley Marie
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6, Sep. 2017

"IRS" have filed a lawsuit against me for tax evasion. haha For the record when you owe the IRS money you receive a letter to your home address with the money that you owe them the IRS never calls you.

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6, Sep. 2017

This number is the IRS scammer,

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6, Sep. 2017

I keep asking these people to remove me from their listing and they call me everyday

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12, Jul. 2017

This number calls me 20-30 times a day I don't answer. But to hear the phone ring back to back is irritating. I am going to answer the next time and play along with their game to get more info

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9, Jul. 2017

Keeps calling to sell pharmaceuticals.

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30, Jun. 2017

They call saying I owe Irs they are fraud

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27, Jun. 2017

It was a call for IRS scammer saying that I owed taxes when they had called me a couple months ago. I called that number and got a message saying all cirucuits are busy

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26, Jun. 2017

Yea, I also answered this number and a dude with a very heavy accent said they were from the IRS. Don't fall for this crap. I would like to think that the IRS is more capable and sophisticated at contacting people, plus I would also imagine they would audit you long before you could be charged with fraud. So, this is a bogus scam.

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23, Jun. 2017

States "this is the IRS. You are being investigated for Tax evasion and will be arrested in 24 hours if you do not call immediately" I returned the call but the guy could not tell me who he was calling for. I told him I knew he was not with the IRS and I am reporting his number to IRS and AG office. he said he didn't care what I did! Heavy middle east accent.

Sherman Nauss
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20, Jun. 2017

This number has been recently acquired by Seek Cloud LLC (Cloud and emarketing company). It seems that this number was used by scammers before Seek Cloud obtained it. Seek Cloud uses this number for customer support and not for marketing

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16, Jun. 2017

Said they were an IRS Officer.. I wouldn't give them any information after him asking many personal questions, he asked if i could pleasure him over the phone. Disgusting. This person and number needs to be located and dealt with.

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17, May. 2017

Yep just received the exact same fraud call.

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8, Apr. 2017

You can tell it is a computer generated call.

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7, Apr. 2017

sometimes two or three times a day - I WANT IT TO STOP ASAP !

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20, Mar. 2017

A robot call in Spanish.

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27, Jan. 2017


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28, Dec. 2016

there was a delay when I answered the call, then a squeal and goodby.

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12, Dec. 2016

This is one of 6 calls received from this number in the last week, all offering a free cruise.

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2, Dec. 2016

This number leaves a message telling me I'm behind f sued by the irs

Ryan Malone
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22, Oct. 2016

Why did you write so many reports, anyway? I also got some calls from this number since 3 days ago. I never answer the calls, but they left some message. They said that I should call back the number as soon as possible to solve these tax matter with the IRS. I knew it was kind of scam, so I just ignore them. I have reported the number to the IRS also.

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14, Oct. 2016

Damn it stop calling me!

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4, Oct. 2016

Said they were from Verizon wireless and gave a bogus website to log onto to receive a rebate.

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3, Oct. 2016

They give you an opportunity to opt out which I did on the first call and keep calling (third time in as many weeks) they don't let up.

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3, Oct. 2016

I want the calls to stop immediately.

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1, Oct. 2016

and posed as Microsoft security, and wanted me to install malware on my computer.