Area Code 201

Additional information:

Area code: 201
State: New Jersey
Country: USA
26, Feb. 2017

Called from number and said couldn't hang up.

25, Feb. 2017

This number matches a search I found earlier this year for a scammer that when you answer the phone a program is activated that scans your phone for personal information like credit card info and such. Always beware when answering a jumper you dont recognize. Tech this day and age works lightening fast and you could be screwed before you can blink.

25, Feb. 2017

They called. No message

24, Feb. 2017

I can not tell them to stop calling!

24, Feb. 2017

Asked them repeatedly, on numerous occasions to stop calling.

24, Feb. 2017

It starts with a recording offering to lower my credit card debt, tells me to consider this my last warning and the offers to connect me to a live person.

23, Feb. 2017

I suspect the caller is a scammer also, I don't even own a car... so beware people! Don't give them any information!

22, Feb. 2017

Caller claimed he was from a company that was investigating unethical business practices in the time share industry. Scammer. Last week it was calls from Las Vegas about a time share that I don't own. Why are these people allowed to continue to do this?

22, Feb. 2017

Can't ask them to stop. It's a recording I can barely hear, triggered by a "hello". No answer calling back. Calling at least 2 or 3 times a day.

21, Feb. 2017

i have received a call from this exact number twice a day, every day for the last several weeks.

21, Feb. 2017

Message left on recorder

21, Feb. 2017

The same experience happened to me as well, I would like to warn others here not to fall for this scam, please report them to the FTC also!

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