Phone: 201-845-6009

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Hackensack, New Jersey
Its exchange 845 is managed by VERIZON NEW JERSEY, INC. - NJ
The number is currently on switch number RCPKNJ02DS5 (switch is a technical specification for phone hobbyists)
Around 52% of people reported it as "Unknown"
There has been a total of 38 comments left about the number.
Latest people reported the number as that of "Warranty, unknown name's"
21, Jul. 2012

They call but do not leave a message they just hang up.?? I have no idea who the are. I want them to stop call me How can I stop them??

25, Jul. 2012

They called asking for my husband, who was not available. Without a word they ended the call.

11, Sep. 2012

called again no message

29, Nov. 2012

They called asked for my daughter and abruptly hung up when I said she wasn't at home

14, Dec. 2012

This number called my home. Upon me answering the person from this number didn't say a word.

14, Jan. 2013

Actually knew our name. I told the man he had the wrong number. Who are these people? When I call back it's always a busy signal.

15, Jan. 2013


15, Feb. 2013

Male caller asked for me by my first and last name, and then he hung up. I contacted the owner of this number: Chrysler Of Paramus 234 E State Rte 4 Paramus, NJ Phone: (201) 845-0700 Fax: (201) 845-6009 They were not able to provide any information about the call. No one claimed responsibility.

1, Mar. 2013

Addressed my by my forst n last name - Claimed to be calling about my non-response to my warranty on my 2008 malibu...when I asked--so you called me at 9 pm? - yes I am washer response then abruptly tells me "I am closing your file ma'am good luck to you?" f-n weird...

21, Mar. 2013

They addressed me by first and last name and said stai bien and hung up and has been calling for the past two days and hangs up. Have caller Id so I just don't answer anymore or I let the fax answer it. Most people who need me text or emaile anyway so I don't have to answer. Just odd though, get your kicks another way.

8, May. 2013

Called and asked for me and my husband by our names. Said he was from Direct Warrenty calling about our 2007 Plymouth Voyager. When I said we never owned one he hung up on me.

4, Jun. 2013

Received a call from this number yesterday, which I did not recognize, no one left a message!

27, Jun. 2013

Woman asked for my husband, when I said he was not here, could I take a message, she hung up. I am so incensed by this kind of call. Call back is a fast busy signal.

28, Jun. 2013

Received a call from this number. When I answered, they simply hung up. I made several attempts to call the number back, but only receive a message saying, "Unable to dial this number."

3, Jul. 2013

Man said to me that he was calling about my car extended warranty and that the dealer extended warranty was limited and only through their dealership. He told me my address and car and wanted to know info about mileage, verify my address, etc. I told him that I didn't want to give personal information and he laughed and said it wasn't personal. He said he was willing to close out my account but he needed to verify things. I told him to consider it closed out and verified and he said that's not how it worked. I told him that I'd spoke with someone already asking them to take me off of their call list and I was on the DNC list, and he said I talked with a competitor who was inferior as they were the ones with the warranty. As I was trying to get him to stop talking over me, which he would not I said "OK, I'm hanging up now," and he said "So am I."

9, Jul. 2013

Approximate location of caller on Cloverdale Ave above Ridgeland Rd. It does not belong to Chrysler Dealer. Another scam artist. Not all that hard to locate.

19, Aug. 2013

could hear other operators in the back ground. Woman asking for my husband. Went to get him on the line and she hung up before he could answer.

15, Nov. 2013

No one calls me ever I need a friend I wish they would call me. I have a PHD in wise crack phone answering. I have never got a p[hone call to be a wise guy. This is tearing me up. Please would some call center call me day and night so I can perfect me craft. I want to feel needed. I am more than a slab of liver, am I not. Call soon love you all Schlokenburger supreme

Ventrical Smooth
15, Nov. 2013

They call and hang up then then call back and hang up. Maybe they have fallen and can't get up. Some one should go over there and see what's up. All this breathing and hanging up. It has to be a desperate call for help. I figure someone is being kept prisoner against their will and when they try to call for help someone finds they are on the phone and hangs up. Please go over to that building and peek in the window. The window you peek in my save a life. Where is the humanity today for cruds sake man??

problem solver
15, Nov. 2013

It is J leno's comedy writer. He is looking for material. You silly people say the funniest things when your mad hee haw hee haw

20, Jan. 2014

Man called and wanted to speak to my husband, when I said he was not home he hung up. If this is about car warranty......who gives them their information.....are our auto dealerships selling it???? Good question to ask, next time I buy an auto.

23, Jan. 2014

Call all hours, wont leave message. I know not to answer. Want them to stop calling my house.

28, Jan. 2014

1st call no one was there. They called back 3 minutes later. Arrogant telemarketer said there was no way they had called before.Said something about the way the computer was set up. Call concerning auto warranty. Said WE had done business before. Spoke rudely.

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