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Phone number: 201-285-5421

is located in Newark, New Jersey.

Its exchange 285 is managed by LEVEL 3 COMMUNICATIONS, LLC -.

The number is currently on switch number WHWKNJANDS0 (switch is a technical specification for phone hobbyists) .

Around 44% of people reported it as "Unknown"

You are the 7th person to search for it here. There has been a total of 18 comments left about the number.

Latest people reported the number as that of "Vonage (phishing), 2012855421"

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Why are these telemarketers calling all the time. We are on do not call list.

Reported 7, Sep. 2012.

I got a blank call from this #. And it's worrisome that this # has a website!

Reported 7, Sep. 2012.

I just called this number back and it turns out to be a survey company. They ask if you want your phone number removed and that is what I did. At least I hope my number was removed.

Reported 8, Sep. 2012.

no one there when you answer,

Reported 8, Sep. 2012.

answered someone asked for me by name then hung up. I called the # on my caller ID it was from Verizon they didn't know any thing about it. I have been getting calls for 3 weeks now.

Reported 9, Oct. 2013.

I called it back and it said it was the vonage phone company.

Reported 25, Oct. 2013.

They won't ever answer, but they are calling almost three times a day!!!!

Reported 29, Oct. 2013.

Called back and it was Vonage Phone company.

Reported 6, Nov. 2013.
NYC guy

Calls frequently. I never pick up. No answering machine. s***w them.

Reported 20, Nov. 2013.

They call several times a week but there is no one there if I answer - only a dial tone even if I answer on the first ring. Trying to tell them to stop calling but never anyone there to tell them to stop. Ridiculous!

Reported 2, Dec. 2013.

Yeah they just called yesterday at 7:15 , and I'm from Detroit so how did they get my number. They even have my Pinger app number! F******* Creeps

Reported 13, Dec. 2013.

This is a fake Vonage Phishing Scam, han up and call Vonage directly on their 1- 800 # and report it ASAP

Reported 27, Dec. 2013.

no answer when I called back, then they called my daughters cell. the caller told me to prepare for the US economy to collapse, not to get any medical help from the US government flu shots, then he told me our Gov has been infiltrated at he highest levels by others with plans to depopulate the world. What he said actually made sense, but 8m not worried because as a collective we are to strong, love over fear!

Reported 1, Jan. 2014.

I'm in upstate New York. Don't even want to talk to nobody from Joisey

Reported 11, Apr. 2014.

repeated call's!!! They never say a word!!! What jerk's!

Reported 16, Jul. 2014.

All I know is if I want something I will go to get it or call around to ask about it. Don't call me.

Reported 8, Aug. 2014.

The call to me from this number was a phishing scam. I received a telephone call from someone pretending to be from Vonage and with a heavy foreign accent. The caller-ID says: "Vonage; 201-285-5421" on 9-9-14, at 4:38pm - pacific time. They called a non-Vonage number, but I already am an actual Vonage customer myself. They told me I could "start a brand new account for $9.99." It's a scam call. They were phishing.

Reported 10, Sep. 2014.

Left me a voice mail. 4 seconds long. Some foreigner laughing and then says my name, hello, and then hangs up.

Reported 10, Sep. 2014.

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