Phone: 201-225-4100

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Oradell, New Jersey
Its exchange 225 is managed by VERIZON NEW JERSEY, INC. - NJ
The number is currently on switch number RVEDNJORDS5 (switch is a technical specification for phone hobbyists)
Around 30% of people reported it as "Unknown"
There has been a total of 40 comments left about the number.
Latest people reported the number as that of "unknow, movado.."
4, Feb. 2014

I have received calls from this number at least 6 times over the past few weeks. A man with a heavy foreign accent always asks for me by name. He says I may be entitled to medical compensation for a surgery I had. When I told him I had no complications, he asks me if I took any antidepressants during pregnancy and rambles off a long list. I have asked them, it has been 2 or 3 different men, to remove my number from their list. Yet, they are still calling.

4, Feb. 2014

My wife got a call from a Lady with an African Accent. She was telling us that medical treatment would be approved by Medicare Group. Well, she has no medical treatment pending, nor does she have Medicare. It would be helpful if consumers could call a telephone number to report these types of calls.

6, Feb. 2014

I received a call from this number today. At first they hung up and then called right back. A man with a heavy foreign accent asked for me by name. He says I may be entitled to medical compensation for a surgery I had and then hung up.

7, Feb. 2014

Have received 3 calls in past 4 days. All same stating I was entitled to large sum of money in compensation for a surgery I had. Two from a woman with thick asian accent and I could not understand her. Today call was from a man again with a thick foreign accent. I hung up.

8, Feb. 2014

The piece of c**p is calling about the medical compensation. He is the same a*****e that was calling my house and saying he was from Microsoft. This phone number belongs to the movado watch company in new jersey.

13, Feb. 2014

i got missed call here and sounds like it is medical insurance scam again from India. These guys are the most annoying and have called me from 5 other numbers 201-225-4100 is the missed call, and I was still in bed! I will never buy anything from them, why don't they just give up?

13, Feb. 2014

Number comes up in the phone log as being from Movado Inc. The watch company. Same area code and exhange. Two calls today, but didn't leave a voicemail message.

24, Feb. 2014

I got a call from this number at 730 in the morning but when I tried to call them back, it just hung up on me but I\'ve had many calls from a number similar to this and its been a medical company saying if I had a certain type of surgery...then he went through a list of surgeries. I was told that I could be on a class action lawsuit. Isn\'t there a lawsuit I can bring against calls that are before 9am, they called me at 7:30. I have had these calls 4 times in 6 days.. once I admitted to being whom they wanted, name misspronounced poorly...then he gave me his spill about being from a medical company: then I said they had the wrong person and hung up. Next time I will string them along, give phony answers to tie up his time, then tell him I lied like he is doing... then hang up.

10, Mar. 2014

I got a call from this number but didnt pick up. By looking at this, its a scam and this number needs to just go away.

10, Mar. 2014

This guy keeps calling me, wit ha very heavy indian accent. he wants to talk to my wife, about medical complications, of procedures she never had. I said she never had any, then he asks if I had a hip replaced, I said "NO" and hung up. Less than a week later he called back, again asking for my wife, I said "Is this about the bulls**t hip replacement. He actually yelled at me and said "Hey, this call is not for you, it for your [wife's name]" I yelled back "Listen jackass, my wife had no operations, I told you to stop calling me and take me off the list, and if you ever call here again, you;'d better get someone who can speak english!"

11, Mar. 2014

either hang up or speak in a heavy accent ..I do not answer from idiots

11, Mar. 2014

He called middle of the day, clearly from some sort of boiler room setup, and asked for someone by name. Told him there was no one by that name at this number, and he proceeded to make obscene remarks. He clearly was trying to get a response, since as long as I remained silent, he kept repeating the obscenity.

12, Mar. 2014

I have received calls from this number several times. The other day I told the lady to stop calling me to which she replied f you you dumb b (actually saying the words in her non American tone!) Tonight a man became sexually harassing towards me saying the things he wanted to do! How do we get this place shut down!!!!

13, Mar. 2014

I keep getting this call from same number. I have told them each time to stop calling me and take me off their list. They ask same thing about medical compensation. This time they called me a b***h.

14, Mar. 2014

They called me this morning and asked me about having a mesh implant. I told them I never had one and they said I didn't have to say I had one I just had to admit I had surgeries and then I could get compensation and they could get half. I told them I wouldn't lie for them and I hung up on them.

19, Mar. 2014

Received a call this a.m. a foreign speaking man was talking about medical compensation, he called me by name I asked to speak to someone who speaks English, a so called American came on wanted to help me get medical compensation for my surgery, How are they getting access to our medical records, I told them where to go & promptly called my Dr. to make him aware of this call.

19, Mar. 2014

This number, among many others have been calling me almost everyday. It is always someone with a foreign accent telling me they have a way to get me money. The callers are even from different states according to my caller ID, but its the same every time.

28, Mar. 2014

I got a call today saying I could get compensated for a surgery I had because I have complications. I told him I had never had the surgery therefore I have no complications. It seems very weird to me, almost like those emails telling you you've won a million dollars. Someone stop this company!

8, Apr. 2014

This number has been called four times in the last ten days. They never say a word, all I hear is static and voices in the background. After my second or third hello, they always hang up.

9, Apr. 2014

the number called me and hung up when i answered, now I have received several calls from a foreign sounding male and female saying they would like to discuss my medical compensation from a surgery I had. Asked them several times to take my number off their call list only to be hung up on

10, Apr. 2014

has been calling me every few days for a few months. I answered twice. Once the man told me that I he needed to talk to me about a "vaginal mesh" surgery I'd had. I told him I never had such surgery and he hung up on me. This time he told me that he had good news that i would be compensated through lawyers for complications I'd had during my medical surgery. I told him, again, that I'd never had such surgery. He told me, "Don't worry about that, mame! I will get you free money you don't have to pay back!" I had to tell him 3 times I was NOT interested. He couldn't believe it and acted like I was crazy to refuse his offer! I finally told him to please take me off his list and not to call me back. He hung up on me.

23, Apr. 2014

Told me I had a surgery I could be compensated for and said I'm going to put you on hold. I said I'm not holding and hung up. He called right back and said listen here Mother F$##er. I said no you listen Mother F$##er you have just called the FBI and you are being traced. He started cursing my badly after that. Be aware of your phone bills.

25, Apr. 2014

This number has shown on my phone four times between 4-16 and 4-25/14. The caller leaves no message. My defense -BLOCK 'EM!!

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