Phone: 08006783393

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Around 31% of people reported it as "Unknown"
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4, Nov. 2011

called me and asked for my wife. I don't have the slightest idea about who this is

4, Nov. 2011

This is a hospital switchboard, if they call you it's probably to either 1) Do a follow up 2) Confirm an appointment 3) Move the appointment to a different date (which is unlikely though)

29, Aug. 2013

Phoned my mobile yesterday three times, do not recognise this number. A pain in the ....

17, Sep. 2013

Says this is a message. Press any key!! We are told to be wary of scams. If this is legitimate then they should reconsider how to approach their clients

3, Oct. 2013

Just received call from this no. It is confirmed as Nhs Glasgow.

23, Oct. 2013

Just a call from this number - went to voicemail. Caller said in a Scottish accent "I am at the hospital and will meet you outside at the foyer" Obviously not meant for me live in England.

james preston
2, Dec. 2013

Sorry I missed your call please call me you y again. You rock!

3, Dec. 2013

This was my physio to rearrange an appointment

18, Dec. 2013

Calling to confirm an appointment

3, Jan. 2014

Press any key ? Nothing happens. NHS do not have my mobile no. Who is this

15, Jan. 2014

NHS Glasgow ... does not accept incoming calls.

kaother alhusari
27, Jan. 2014

I got a miss call from 08006783393 on my mobile tried to call back but it doesn't accept incoming calls

4, Feb. 2014

Hi Could you please give me a call back aas you phoned me at 8.55am and was driving to work and missed your call! Thank you.

5, Feb. 2014

It's the NHS reminder service. You can prevent calls .. go here ..

18, Feb. 2014

This is not a scam. It's the number provided when someone from NHS calls you . Its def used by NHS Glasgow so probably elsewhere as well. Does not accept incoming calls.

20, Mar. 2014

RE: 08006783393 Because I get so many annoying calls I usually leave my answering machine to take a message and then I call back. I have had 4 calls from this number in last 40 minutes after the 3rd I answered but there was no one there!!!.

M oira Wright
28, Mar. 2014

after much searching was told by BT it's a marketing company, looks like NHS I is using it have just spoken to five different hospital records offices to see if I can get back to whoever called me they know nothing about this number or a call to me Why haven't we been informed that the health boards are using this number to contact you. At the moment I'm waiting for a call back from them . Call back a couple of minutes ago said yes it is a number NHS. use and I told him there were lots of people confused over it he said they are looking into another system. what on earth is stopping them using the old way or are the secretaries being overworked..

18, Apr. 2014

It is automated message from NHS to remind and asks you to confirm that you will be attending an upcoming appointment. Due to Data protection they do not leave a message on answering machine.

26, May. 2014

Making me a little worried as to why they were calling me ?? N can't call them bk

Security Advisor
2, Jun. 2014

Early morning missed call. It rang again 2 hours later automated female voice claiming to confirm appointment. BUT... Gives my name and me to dial 1 to confirm being that name then asks for year of birth. NO CHANCE. DO NOT PROVIDE Returned phone call Scottish female automated voice claiming not to accept return calls. If this is NHS Someone responsible needs to be retrained. NHS is the largest loser of Customer Electronic Data in the U.K. thus cannot be trusted with information. Having lost so much of our Data this could be anyone with THAT data filling in information and furtherance of fraud. Beware.

24, Jun. 2014

I got 3 calls from this number since Friday last week Had enough.

3, Jul. 2014

nine messages left on my answer phone just beeps to be heard. This a menace.

4, Jul. 2014

Been calling me for 3 days now. I am at work and can't look at my phone all the time. to leave a voice msg would be a good idea otherwise i freak out every time i see a miss call!

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