Phone: 0378728686

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Latest people reported the number as that of "DIGI Malaysia"
17, Oct. 2011

It's debt collectors (here in Malaysia)... they try to get me to pay for a bill which is 2 years old. I said I won't pay it and they said "oh well, we'll keep calling"... So I guess we came to some kind of an understanding with these guys... that's great! ^_^

gila babi
22, Oct. 2013

Dpt col dr no ni kol 18.13 ..3 kali..xjwb..sbb no ni sya sllu tgl kt uma je..pastu dpt msg dr no 0192183971 ..n ckp "Tuan/puan,sila hubungi segera HAWA di 03-78728686 / 03-78775358 ..xsdp hti..nsb try search kt google..tgk mcm2 komen..aiyakk...sok lau dorg col lg...nk men game dorg bengang plk....

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